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How do I earn points?

Join community 50 (one time only)
Log in 1 (daily)
Answer a question 2
Reply to an answer 1
Comment on an article 1
Reply to a comment 1
Thumbs up 1
Thumbs down -1
Your answer selected as best answer 10
Write an article 30

What are the different levels and privileges available to me?

Level Points Questions Answers Articles Comments Replies Votes
1 1-249 5 10 0 10 5 25
2 250-999 10 30 5 10 15 25
3 1000-2499 15 50 10 50 30 75
4 2500-4999 20 70 15 70 45 100
5 5000-9999 *unlimited* *unlimited* 20 *unlimited* *unlimited* 125
6 10,000-24,999 *unlimited* *unlimited* 25 *unlimited* *unlimited* 150
7 25,000-49,999 *unlimited* *unlimited* 30 *unlimited* *unlimited* 200

How can I delete a question, answer or comment I've posted?

Although you have the facility to edit your own posts, each change needs to be approved by a moderator before it is accepted. Before we implemented this rule, users have tried to replace their whole post which breaks the flow of conversation and subsequent answers and comments would not make any sense. Therefore, think well before posting as we will not allow edits just because you feel like it. The edit feature is there to correct mistakes or to allow you to improve your own posts.

How do I disactivate my account on this site?

We do not hold any details which could be used to identify you as an individual and therefore all posts made on this website are anonymous in nature. If you no longer wish to use Clever Dodo, then all you have to do is change your email preferences so as not to receive any communication from us. We will not remove any posts you've made in the past but if you really want to, then contact us and we will set your account to "Inactive" status which will prevent you or anyone else from logging in to your account.

Is self promotion or advertising allowed?

No, not only is this not allowed but we'll also take action against members who do that. If you're registering just to post a link to your website in your answer, then it will be immediately unpublished. Contribute to the community first and then we'll probably allow you to promote your own things.

What are those advertisements shown on the website?

We have contextual ads on Clever Dodo. They are supposed to be highly relevant to the content displayed and one block is shown at the top of the page and one at the bottom. These ads are only displayed if you're not logged in though.

How do I bold a phrase?

If you want to bold the phrase "hello you", you just need to put 2 asterisks before and after it - eg **hello you** will become hello you.

How do I make a phrase italic?

For italics, you need only 1 asterisk before and after the phrase - eg *how are you* will become how are you.

How do I put links in questions/answers/comments?

You need to use the Markdown syntax as follows:
[anchor text](link starting with http)

eg [Clever Dodo](http://cleverdodo.mu) will turn into Clever Dodo

How do I include an image in my post?

It's the same syntax as for links but preceded by an exclamation mark eg ![some words to describe your image](link to image)
![my logo](http://cleverdodo.mu/logo.png)