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I'm here to Chat...Actually, I can't no more because Boss Gices said we need to reach Level 3 (1000 points) to access the chatroom.To express my views.To make friends.To be attentive and to listen. I'll try :) To argue/debate.To joke around.

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Start a business

Give it to me!

I'll make it expand in a few years at a very interesting interest rate of 15%.
Low risk investment. ;)
BTW, This is how you catch a ponzy schemer. High rates are suspicious, never fall for them.
Ponzy is no investment.
New investors to old investor cash distribution.
New investor cash is given to old investors...and so on.

Try investing it in the SEX toy industry..wahahaha No shops in Mru...Jk

Make it grow. Diversify your investments/portfolio. High risk to low risk.

Invest some in:

  • low risk activities. Low interest return but almost certain. The bank for instance. Fixed deposit acc.
  • Medium risk activities.
  • Higher risk activities.

Become a shareholder of a corporation...Buy shares. Invest in the bond/capital market.

Invest in growing/emerging markets.

Invest in your own business.

Identify what people need/ want. Follow the trends.

Inverse relationships.

02 Mar 2016 22:57

Applying at university in mauritius

You go girl...Get down & work it out...Work it...Work it out!!!Will be a hell of ride but it's worth it in the end!! You know you're good. ;) XD :)

27 Feb 2016 22:36

Congratulations to ziya for reaching Level 2 on Clever Dodo

Donne li ene medaille. Coupe en

25 Feb 2016 10:46

Filming in Mauritius !

I don't really know what the domestic law stipulates, but I think that filming in a public place is allowed. Tourists have always done so without consequences.
However, If you're interviewing a particular person then maybe you should have his consent before expozing the latter in Youtube.

17 Feb 2016 06:18

Eski nou (morisien) lib dans nou pays?

Kan ou bizin travail, amass cass pu gagne ou lavi, ou zamai lib. C ene etat d'esclavage dissimiler. Apres ress dan ene ti pays en j0j0t cumsa...Ou restricter nivo lespace.

15 Feb 2016 19:15

Bsc in mathematics or not at university

You could try maths but you should consider working harder in order to get better grades. I believe university math is much more complex than HSC Math.

Psychology is relatively easier, and there are so many women opting for it these days. The good thing about a carrier in psychology is that you can eventually work for yourself, in your own home. It's not very stressful and you would be your own boss.
The negative is that you will very likely have to deal with depressed clients, and this could negatively impact on your morale, specially if you get emotionally involved.

11 Feb 2016 21:04

Ki bon fason manz chips zot koner?

Met li dan la bous ek macher..meller facon

05 Feb 2016 18:51

What will happen if I eat a whole bottle of Tomato Ketchup (300 ml) at once?

Check out furious pete on youtube. He does crazy eating challenges. I think he attempted ketchup before.

05 Feb 2016 18:50

Riddle - How to get the goose out of the bottle?

1.There is no detail on the shape, size or material of the bottle.
2. Goose may have an alterante meaning. Not the bird.

05 Feb 2016 18:49

Lortograf Kreol Morisien

'Akademi Kreol Morisien finn propoz enn fason standize pou ekrir kreol morisien.'

Ah ena ene C vraie effectivement, pu li vin ene langue cuma nimporte ki lezt langue bizin standardize li.

Kapav fer li vin ene langue riche. auguement so vocabulaire etc. Mo penc, Le creole li ene langue chaleureu.

04 Feb 2016 22:11

who want to be fit?

Eat healthy
Do not overeat
Sleep well
Exercise - Cardio is best
Body building
Reduce stress

04 Feb 2016 21:40

Are Mauritian doctors incompetent?

Liena grand leker lex roi loin chandra. Li laise le public morisien, so ban zenfans, servi bn faciliters lial dehor. Li bizin paye plis. Billet couter sa.. Li p sacrifier limem..Zt pa p tuV. Zt aveugue?? LOL

03 Feb 2016 19:58

Eski bizin instal antiviris lor enn tablet?

Pu mwa ti bizin to connecter internet et al dans bns sites a risk/download bn zafer a riske ..OUI. Oo O0

03 Feb 2016 18:47

Eski zwazo pik-pik ankor existe?

Attan mo cheker...wer li exister. XD :D

03 Feb 2016 18:45

want to start a business

Yes, start a business and be nobody's macro...You may want to calculate a lill bit before starting anything...However,I would recommend a just do it, and see how it goes attitude as well. Over thinking and analysis may deter progress.

02 Feb 2016 19:43

Would men embrace the idea of the male contraceptive pill as a method of birth control?

"With the pill, you need to remember taking it everyday for it to work. Now would a man carry that burden?"

What a load of BS!! Men do NOT become pregnant, women do!! They don't need to intake any pill to avoid pregnancy.

A condom would be convenient.

30 Jan 2016 21:22

when did dutch appeared in mauritius.

It must have been a long time ago. If they did not kill the dodo, Mauritius fried Dodo could have been a reality. It would have been unique business in Mauritius.

29 Jan 2016 18:08

What would be the outcome of a Meritocratic Mauritius?

Meritocracy - The most suitable(qualified) for a job gets selected.

Steps which could be undertaken to make sure that meritocracy is enforced:

  1. Job selection is carried out in absolute transparency.( The necessary information about the selection process and the selected is made available to the public through different media. e.g The selected's qualifications)
  2. A person is selected according to a clear set of objective criteria. (The job requirements).

A just and fair process which would eliminate any form of bias(discrimination) such as gender, ethnic background, look, bribe and so on.

12 Jan 2016 18:05

The best Pre-Primary schools and Nursery of the island

Cocinelle. It was my pre primary school.

11 Mar 2016 21:59

Le Val Nature Park Review

Never been there...It seems to be quite interesting, maybe I should some day. BTW quite good pictures. :)

02 Mar 2016 23:06

Things to avoid for a healthy body

Follow this link

Article by Corydon Ireland, Harvard News Office
Title: Eating meat led to smaller stomachs, bigger brains
Scholar revisits her theory explaining evolution of early primates into human

Contradictory view!!

"Even for animals this is becoming a fact. Many companies are beginning to sell 100% vegan products for dogs and cats."

Dogs and cats natural vegans? Really? lmfao XD
-Why do cats prey on birds, mice, rats and frogs if they are natural vegans?
-Why are they equipped with pointy sharp teeth if it's not to pierce through flesh?
-House/domestic cats belong to the feline family, therefore it can be assumed that they have common characteristics, which maybe includes eating habits. Other animals belonging to this family are lions, cheetahs, cougars, tigers, jaguars..etc. As far as I know, they are all almost purely carnivorous predators. Killing and ingesting raw meat is part of their instinctive nature. Those animals NEEDED to kill in order to SURVIVE, stay energized and healthy.

The same arguments more or less apply to domesticated dogs. They belong to the canine family & are thought to descend from WOLVES. I'm wondering whether wolves are peaceful plant eating creatures?... Oo
If those creatures are natural vegans then why did they evolve to become meat eating predators and not stick to a vegan diet?
Another contradictory view. ;)

Elephants and other plant eating animals like the bull are indeed extremely physically powerful. Their diets are plant based and therefore it is logical to deduce that they source their energy from what they ingest. Plant/herbs can be converted to produce great power and energy.
However, we are talking about totally different species here and there are quite a lot of differences between the two.
Humans versus Cows/ elephants.
Humans have been anatomically/ anthropologically classified as big apes. Humans are bipedal. Humans have different brain to body ratios. Humans have unique cognitive abilities in the animal kingdom. Humans have different digestive tracks. Cows have unique digestive systems. Homo sapiens teeth possess the characteristics of omnivorous animals…etc
The list of distinct features goes on, and this is why imo your human to elephant comparison is not so valid.

and another contradictory view. :)


1. In order to stay healthy, the human organism requires certain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats & corbohydrates.
2. Those may be obtained from what they intake (a particular diet).

If vegetables indeed contain all that is needed to stay healthy, then being a vegan is definitely not a bad idea. HOWEVER, IS THAT SO?
Nevertheless if that was the case, veganism could prove itself to be convenient not only for humans but also to animals we typically murder to feed upon.
For instance:
1. You mentioned that vegetables are digested more easily that meat. This has been backed by a number of studies indeed, and that is probably true. Excess meat intake may lead to health issues which is also true.
2. Meat eating involves killing/slaughter/torture/suffering/agonizing deaths which are extremely inhumane and unethical.

Who are we to decide upon the fate of these poor creatures? They should be free. Female cows are forced to copulate in order to produce milk. The circumstances in which those defenseless creatures a killed are tragic. Millions are slaughtered every single day for the sake of human consumption yet so many of us see nothing wrong/ immoral in this ego driven evil?

Humanity will not become vegan tomorrow/ in the near future for so many out there enjoy the taste of meat. I personally do, but I significantly lowered my intake!!
For this reason, it is very important that the methods of killing are altered so as to minimize or alleviate suffering. Humans need to develop a sense of empathy towards all living beings. Want it or not, all fates are interconnected.

People should do good for the sake of doing good and not out of fear.
Not because they fear bad Karma.
Not because they fear Hell.
Not because doing good brings you good.
Not out of expectations.

Goodness should be FREE...Let's redefine what being human is, because so far humanity has miserably failed.

Nice work Mendossa, quite a few valid arguments, but your science isn't quite accurate. You still have a lot to learn

Peace out!! ;)

11 Feb 2016 13:07

Driving test in Mauritius

It is always good to record your driving in order to have some sort of evidence when it comes to what you really did throughout the practical test.

Video recording is now an option which I highly recommend in order to objectively assess your performance.


Sometimes, the policeman guiding you throughout the test will deliberatly see errors which never really occured or which are not necessarily valid.


The latter wants you to fail.


Everytime you take a practical driving test, you have to pay a certain fee to the police headquarters. Therefore, the more you fail the richer they get.

You may disagree with the policeman's version and later argue to defend your case.(which I did)

That would be a waste of effort and energy, for in the abence of evidence, it will be your words against his. The policeman usually wins simply because he has a bigger Dxxx.

You will also have to pay for more driving lessons which are much more expensive than the test fee.

So yes, filming is the wisest thing to do, unless you have an excess of cash and you don't mind wasting.

05 Feb 2016 12:27

Slavery in Mauritius

Nice research. It's important to know history because the past and the present are undeniably linked. The slaves and paid labourers were imported in order to serve the colonials (helping them acheive THEIR dreams).

05 Feb 2016 12:25

Ki fonksyon nou ban Minister

! bon baz pu grater senti ene lazourner. :)

03 Feb 2016 19:52

Eski Bizin Aprann Kreol

Mwa mo kner tou moriciens in apran kreole par voi orale..(ene tradition Oral). Ecouter, recopier...Mais ecrire kreole?...Non

Li pa ene langue kin developper (grammaire, orthographe, syntax..etc). Ena paker accents creole. Ena le creole poche, imper plis fanciser ek le Kreole plis brute(ghettho). Mo penc ki Kpav developpe li.

Mo penc ki le morisien bizin fier Kreole acz li ene langue ki made in Mauritius. Liena ene identiter Mauricienne pas cuma Anglais ek FranC.

03 Feb 2016 19:47

Longanis, traitair, sorselri, diab, magi nwar problem superstysyon dan moris

Eski longaniste lier avk frit longane? aha

03 Feb 2016 19:35

Domestic violence and abuse

Et pa bat dumone do..Pas bon!! kan sa arriver al dir papi ek mami.

23 Jan 2016 14:45

Oral test guide for learner drivers in Mauritius

I had the best grades for the test aha..Yeah, they shout out loud the results.

23 Jan 2016 12:51

The Broken Savatte Leponze Analogy


20 Jan 2016 16:49

The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

Well I have a degree as well. Went to an interview in some bank. These mofos asked me to do scanning work for 6 months with no possibility of extending the contract. I declined the offer. Don't need the cash. They are really good at effing with dignity in MRU.

14 Jan 2016 23:49

The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

The Rat race. The illusive pursuit of happiness. More money doesn't necessarily bring more happiness. Employment will likely ruin your health. Stress is a silent killer. Permanent damage to your health = screwed life.

At the end of the day all humans seek happiness and happiness could be attained in the simplest ways. You only live once, try not to kill yourself and enjoy the trip. Thing is, how do you SURVIVE if you're not employed?

14 Jan 2016 23:36

Dogs in Mauritius

The only animals allowed in human society(man's urbanised world) are those which are used for human entertainment/pleasure/companionship. (Dogs/cats) The rest are useless, therefore killed on sight. Oo How self centred.

14 Jan 2016 23:27

Langaz ki Nu Servi Tulezur

La plipar morisiens kz Kreole cuma mode de communicasion, peu importe so l'origine/ ethiciter. Dans la plipar college zt kz creole. Ena bucu dimounes ki cz Kreole acz c sel langaz ki zt kne czer.. pa kne kz Franc. Donc Kreole par elimination/ sel option.

14 Jan 2016 23:21

True cost of living in Mauritius

Bez sa!!

14 Jan 2016 23:11

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

and Mauritians are becoming more and more superficial. For instance, FB has become a show off platform. Who is the richest/ most posh/ better looking/ most popular/ who has the biggest, most expensive auto mobile/ Who is the coolest looking/ who has the most likes...Disgusting mentality, if you ask me. People are always busy and have no time for others..Gold diggers..Consumerism...Materialism.

09 Jan 2016 22:15

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Oh you never faced such inconveniences before? Weird. I've noticed several times that foreigners are treated differently(better). Could it be a skin tone bias?? Well maybe marrying this French man brought you bad luck..LOL (Inverse anticipated effect :P) Jk..ha ha

Nevertheless I can identify with your encounter.

I was in some supermarket the other day. Bought a can and asked this woman at the counter for a pipette as cans can be dirty and unsafe if your lips come in contact with the possibly contaminated area. The lady replied: We don't give pipettes for cans. Unlady-like actually..I was like.. What a BXX. lol

09 Jan 2016 22:03

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

It's no conspiracy. It's very real and we, as members of society are all subject to it. It exists in so many forms.

09 Jan 2016 21:11
Nothing to show at the moment