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Where to get original nunchaku?

Hi you can buy any model at the Student Book Store (also known as student book shop) Emmanuel Anquetil street Port Louis street Port Louis

11 Oct 2013 20:34

Kot sa mo capav achete ene loto teleguider seki marche r lessence dans maurice ?

Salut l'ami,

Mo frere ene passioner l'auto teleguider (RC) to ena different size ek model, 3 pli populair c 1/10, 1/8 ek 1/5 scale. Ban 1/10 ek ban 1/8 zote roule ek Nitron, li koute mari cher ek c ban model bien frazil. apre to gagne ban 1/5, zot roule avek l'essence normal, li bien robust mais li ena en seul desavantage c ki li im p gros, mais to capave roule li partout. MARI FUN!

Pa partout ki to kapave gagne ban 1/5, mo frere fin depense ene tas avec kas avek ban Mauricien, aster, li meme li faire vin so ban loto depi l'Allemagne ek la Chine, to capave gagne en bon model neuf avec ene moteur 30CC! lor Rs 32,000 exclu TVA avek frais bato gratuit depi la Chine. Si to envie mo capave faire toi gagne contact la, enplus mo Frere repart ek fabrique piece ban lato teleguide 1/5.

29 Mar 2013 19:03

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive from China?

Well I ordered some Rc Car parts from China last year it took me about 3 month to come here. I bought them on Aliexpress and due to the free shipping option. Even with a tracking number you are not sure when your product will arrive...

21 Mar 2013 19:55

How many Bonsai growers are there in Mauritius?

Hi all,

I just want to know how many Bonsai growers are still practicing this art in Mauritius, I have lost contact with my old friends and during the last Mauritius Orchid exhibition of 2012, there were no Bonsai exposed. So if you know people growing Bonsai as a hobby please let me know I would like to give away some of my stock. (note: not for sales nor exchange, I have to free some space at home :)

23 Mar 2013 21:44

What's a good camcorder to get for less than Rs10000?

Hi all,

I have been encouraged by many friends to record my bladesmithing (knife and sword making) projects and metal detecting adventures, and while I have done some research on-line, I still don't know what to buy.

I would like good picture and sound quality. I do not need special effects but I intend to do some editing and post my videos on youtube. My budget is around is Rs10000.

Thank for your help guys

21 Mar 2013 20:32

Anyone into metal detecting in Mauritius?

Hi all,

Just to let you know that after Reunion Island, Mauritius has now its own metal detecting club, I just want to know if there are other Mauritian like me who likes metal detect, we could meet one day for a hunt. PS if you need help to find lost stuff you can contact me on my Facebook page

21 Mar 2013 20:08

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

Hi guys,
For everyone who wish to import something, please check The Mauritius Chamber of commerce and industry web site

For your information please follow the link below the HSCode "food supplements for general health and well being"

HSCode 21069030 or 22051010

I notice that you will need a Food and Drug permit for you supplements


29 Jun 2013 10:28

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

What? I know that if an Item exceed Rs10,000.00 then you will need a custom broker are you sure its Rs30,000.00. I remember a bill was pass in oct 2012 by Xavier Duval concerning this limit, but not sure what happen next, Thanks God if this is real, and thank you gices for this article.

21 Mar 2013 20:04
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