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Ebay buy and custom

You wont have to pay any tax on that. Both of them should be delivered to your doorstep by the local postman.

06 May 2015 23:10

Am I right or wrong to return to Mauritius?

I would say the Mauritian mentality has improved a lot, it all comes down to where you live though.

I was once in a gas station in a village and decided to buy a drink while my car is being fuelled, i was the only one waiting for the cashier since she was busy chatting with her colleagues anyways i was there waiting for her and then one man came from nowhere and stood right in front of me. Hello? I'm like wtf. So i told him, excuse me? I was the first one. I didn't try to be rude or anything i just said it in a polite manner.

This old creep starts talking nonsense to me in French and yeah he was a local and not to mention that even a kid can talk better french than him. He starts telling me yeah i come here everyday i was gonna let you pass first and shit like that in a rude way. His tone was just not good, i didn't say anything just because he was an old man. I just paid for my drink and went away silently.

TIP: If you are going to move to Mauritius, choose to live in a place like "Grand baie" where people are really cool.

06 May 2015 23:06

Paypal Mauritius can now receive money :)

Hey guys,

I dont have any questions, just wanted to inform you all that if you have a paypal account registered in Mauritius you are now able to receive payments, this was not possible before. You can withdraw the money via a bank account in the U.S(you may use something like Payoneer - ) or to a debit card (haven't tried if this one so dont know if it works, im using payoneer)

I know this is not a forum, but still i wanted you let you all know since every now and then someone will ask this.


23 Apr 2015 19:03

Driving licence in Mauritius


You have to update this article.

I'm 17 and i have a learner's license for Autocyle, Motorcycle and Motor car although i applied for Autocycle and Motorcycle only.

I was surprised to see a stamp for private car as well.

Or i just happened to have a provisional driving license for motor car by mistake?

18 Dec 2013 22:30
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