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Is a Galaxy S2 or S3 worth buying?

I have the Galaxy S2 & i must say that am in love with it.. It's just like a mini-laptop & the apps are great.. Internet is cool to use as well as it has a wide & clear screen. I used to have the same problem as Mike with the battery though, until i downloaded this app: "Battery Saver".. I charge my battery every 48 hrs now, if i dnt play with the mobile whole day that is.... I believe it's totally worth the price n it has just the same apps as S3 or any iphone for that matter....

08 Oct 2012 16:34

Eski ban garson morisien prefer ban tifi clair?

C vrai ki ena 1 ta garcon dan morice ki prefere tifi claire mai ena n ta ki prefere tifi brune si, c simplement n question de gout. Tou dimoune zot gou pa parey.. Mai cki compte par dessus tou pu bane garcon morice c ki tifi la sexy (mem si bien rare zot adment li). Moi mo claire mai mo ti soeur brune, et kan nu marcher lor lari bane garcon pa mem trouve moi!! zot guet juste mo ti soeur (li bien cocasse et bien sexy), sa pa derange moi ditou mai c juste n remark ki mone fer.. donc pu bane garcon couleur lapo pa vraiment compter mo penser, zot simplement atirer ek bane tifi attirante.....
12 May 2012 19:30

Quels sont les métiers que je peux pratiquer avec mon certificat de la HSC?

Salut, si tes résultats sont assez bons, tu pourras obtenir un emploi dans le secteur public je crois. J'avais commencé ma carrière en tant qu'enseignant général il y a environ 6ans avec mon HSC et la plupart dans mon groupe avait aussi tout juste de terminer leur HSC. Je ne sais pas a present comment ils font pour recruter des enseignants parce que je vis en dehors de l'île Maurice depuis plus de 4 ans. Il y a toujours des postes vacants de temps en temps pour d'autres emplois administratifs aussi. La seule partie délicate si c'est le Government Bond que tu as obtenue à signer. Donc, si tu vas prendre ce travail comme une simple étape temporaire, il ne serait pas une bonne idée que tu dois compléter ton contrat avant de pouvoir sortir de celle-ci (sauf si tu es prête à payer pour le lien si tu respecte pas le contrat). Donc, comme dit sphinx, les centres d'appels pourrait être un bon choix ou si tu as des parents ou des amis qui travaillent dans des entreprises privées (compagnies d'assurance par exemple), ils peuvent essayer de t'inscrire en tant que stagiaire. J'espère que cela a aidé un peu .. Bonne chance!
20 Apr 2012 12:43

What documents should a foreigner getting married to a mauritian need to submit to get residence permit

Gices as far as i know the foreigner has to live in Mauritius with his wife for atleast 5 years or something.. but u only mentionned "under the same roof".. does that mean i have the wrong information??
17 Apr 2012 22:34

Arabic mehendi design

Hey I know it's a bit too late but in case you need somebody in the future i got the right girls for you. They are actually 2 girls & they specialise in birdal (makeup, hairstyling, mehendi, photographs n all..), they even own a saloon in Port-Louis & provide courses as well.. Let me know if ur interested & i can send you their emails or facebook page or something..... n yeah they both do AWESOME mehendi of any style....
17 Apr 2012 15:46

How to represent/import a brand in Mauritius.

Hi everyone, I'd like to become a distributor/re-seller for a Makeup Brand in Mauritius but as I have never done any kind of business before I have no idea where to start. The brand is based in Dubai and I would like to import the products and sell in Mauritius. Anybody knows what are the requirements I will be needing in Mauritius? If the Company from Dubai sends let's say 200 pcs of lipsticks by air, will there be any custom charges that will apply in Mauritius? I am completely new at this and all help/info will be highly appreciated. TIA

28 Jun 2016 02:50

I am not in Mauritius but I wish to report someone who is misusing my pictures in Mauritius

How can I do that please? Is there a way that I can file a report online or I have to be physically in Mauritius?

22 Apr 2014 20:18

How much do you know Mauritius? Play this game to find out!

15 attempts!!!!!!!! I am from Port Louis n been to the museum million times but was stuck on the Port Louis museum pic until the 4th try, cant remember seeing that shot at all!!!!

08 Oct 2012 17:12

Driving licence in Mauritius

Hmm, thanks a lot Gices.. i think u're right, n in any case as my friend said as well by the time we ll have to go n pay the fine (in case he is right) we ll be out of Mauritius.. So i guess i'll take the chance....
20 Apr 2012 15:23

Driving licence in Mauritius

Ok I don't know who to listen to anymore. I have a friend who's a Policeman working at Casernes & he says that my husband cant drive unless he has an International License. I told him about your encounters with the police & his explanation was that they just decided to let u go since even if they wanna fine u they know that it will be a lost case as by the time you have to go & pay the fine you will be out of the country. So am all confused now...... :-(
20 Apr 2012 11:45

Driving licence in Mauritius

Hey thanks a lot, that was really helpful!! :-)
17 Apr 2012 13:04

Driving licence in Mauritius

Hi, this is my 1st post here & i find this website very useful. I am Mauritian but my husband is Pakistani & we are both living in Qatar. He has both Pakistani & Qatari Driving License. Does that mean he can drive in Mauritius? And if he can, what are the formalities that he'll have to undergo? We are planning a 1 month visit to Mauritius soon.
16 Apr 2012 15:23
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