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Is working on-line in Mauritius a realistic feature or just a dream?

Mauritius isnt high tech or tech conscious yet!! But you could still do online courses to enhances your skills.. Graphic Design and photoshop

28 Oct 2016 19:17

Refund through Ebay and Paypal

yes they do!

28 Dec 2015 23:05

Best parcel forwarding services

Bonderlinx is a good they're a bit expensive

02 Mar 2015 19:03

How much tax am I supposed to pay when I shop online?

Say if I order an item(laptop) costing me 34000 how much tax do I have to pay?

02 Mar 2015 16:54

Selling thing online in Mauritius

I have a few stuff (new) i want to selling in mauritius but i have no idea how, Do i selling it online. Any idea all welcome.

By stuff i phone and spare parts

30 May 2018 20:19

Looking for a house to rent

Hi guys I've been trying to find a house to rent for the past months still nothing..So any help would be useful.. I need to find with 2 bedrooms a kitchen no garage.. within the budget Rs3000-4000.. Very urgent

16 Aug 2016 14:51

Winning at sportslepep

I recently won 40k+ on a few matches but wondering if sportslepep gives you the money in hand or transfers it to bank account?

11 Mar 2016 19:46

Rent a small house or apartment in area of St-Paul-Vacoas?

Question from a friend.

Hello, Everyone I am looking for a small house to rent for my Family(My wife,son and I) the budget is pretty low Rs4200 or lower? Please help as we are staying with a family of our but can not stay to long..Thank you

21 Feb 2016 15:24

Private exam May/June

Is English Language avaliable in the MAY/JUNE Exams for A-Level?

18 Feb 2016 18:23


Eski ban ppl ki fair exam private hsc fini gagne zot resulta? Moi mon gagne online code la b kan mo check li li jir ungraded?

12 Feb 2016 19:00

Ebay purchases( phone)

I'm interested in buying a phone on ebay which cost around 16000 MUR($300). But i was wondering how much vat and duty tax would i have to pay.

31 Jan 2016 19:12

Can't find a girlfriend in Mauritius

Hello, I'm 18 male can't seem to find a girl suited to me or am i not suited to a girl, i don't know! I've grown up aboard but still in connecting with my mauritian roots/langauge! Why i can't seem to find a girlfriend? As most of the my FB pictures are with white coloured boys, most of the mauritian girls that i talk to on fb would rather talk about them or ask for there name? Why

17 Jan 2016 22:16

Date for HSC results date(private)

I dont know what date i should get my results??

28 Dec 2015 21:19

Rent a house around Mesnil-Pheonix and Vacoas area?

Hi i am looking for a small affordable house! Only for three people for around 4500 MAX per month and must have a contact!! Please serious offers thanks

10 Jun 2015 22:48

Ebay buy and custom

I want to buy earphones and a gaming mouse off of ebay both of them cost $2 how much tax/custom duty do i have to pay?

05 May 2015 18:44

I need a maths tuition teacher for upper 6!

I REALLY need a tuition teacher around the vacoas/curepipe area! Thats has a small class and good at explaining and helping!

27 Mar 2015 07:45

Earphone buds for a sony ericsson

Does anyone know where i can get cheap inear buds for an earphone?#cheap and around curepipe and vacoas area? and that would fit in a sony ericsson earphones?

25 Mar 2015 09:05

Protein shakes & mass gainer for skinny guy

I want to gain some weight and muscle because im too skinny! Im 5'7ft and 60kg but like exercising lifting weights but still no gain is there any cheap but good muscle and mass gainer on the market in mauritius like around 500-1200rs?

23 Mar 2015 17:04

How much customs tax would I pay on a laptop if ordered from abroad?

I want to order a laptop that cost 1430AUD-38360 Mauritian ruprees! it says it would be delivered my DHL WORLD WIDE!! How much would I have to pay the customs in Mauritius?

02 Mar 2015 17:54

Physics question for HSC - Oil drop experiment

Calculate the force expericenced by an oil droplet with a charge of 3.2X10-19C Due to a uniform electric field of strength 5.0X10^5 VM-1?

28 Jan 2015 15:22

Can i get a job with just Hsc certificate

I don't have an Sc certificate but i have an Hsc private exam certificate can i get a good job?

17 Jan 2015 20:46
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