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I'm the founder of Clever Dodo and I work as a Lead Software Developer. I believe in 3 core principles in life: MOVEMENT (to be healthy & strong), ARTS (to express yourself and unleash your creativity) and MEDITATION (to become compassionate towards yourself and others). If you'd like to know more, drop me a message.

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Can I get into UOM with only 2 A levels?

The way that it works is that seats get filled up by those who have shown an interest in the subject and have the best grades.

Let's say for Computer Science, there are 40 seats. If applications come from 100 students, only the best 40 students will get a place.

However if for a course like sociology where there is less demand but still 40 seats, someone with not so good grades can get in. They'll give priority to the best results first and then lower their standards, otherwise it would be a waste of space.

So fill in your UoM application but try to aim for courses with less demand to increase your chances of securing a place.

Good luck :)

05 Feb 2018 20:01

Uncrowded library in Rose-Hill or Quatres Bornes

Have you tried:

  1. The Olof Palme Library, Rose Hill
  2. The Simone de Beauvoir Library, Quatre Bornes

You can find other public libraries in Mauritius at the National Library Website

05 Feb 2018 19:55

Is there fluoride and chlorine in the tap water of Mauritius?

Chlorine yes, fluoride I don't think is added.

If you take a look at the water treatment plant for La Marie, you will notice chlorine is added just before it goes out to customers.

05 Feb 2018 19:36

Nofap practicing people

Interesting topic! I remember seeing this for the first time on Youtube, by a girl which got me even more curious :D

Due to the taboo nature of this topic, I doubt many people will come forward; even more reason for me to implement "Anonymous Posting" I suppose so people do not feel judged.

Anyway since you started this conversation, are you currently doing this?

24 Nov 2017 13:57

Restaurant for a Date

Where do the two of you live? I'd pick a place that doesn't require too much travel for any of you. I'd also give some thought to what sort of food your date likes, you don't want to take them to a chinese restaurant if they don't enjoy chinese dishes.

In Port-Louis, I'd say Grand Canton Restaurant (chinese) and Rozi Darbarr Restaurant (indian) are quite good: decent price, good food, not too crowded and giving you some level of privacy if you get a table for two.

Good luck :)

13 Nov 2017 18:09

I would like to know how to join the chatroom and how to make money online by typing and survey.

The Make Money Online chatroom is only accessible to paid members.

25 Jul 2017 14:37

Creole learning classes in Mauritius

There are two great links in my answer to a similar question on learning creole that I'll advise you to check out. They are great for beginners.

We intend to have a Creole course on Clever Dodo, as that's always requested.

Regarding a Creole Group, I'm not aware of any I could refer to at the moment but I do plan to start one here, so if you're interested let me know :)

22 Jul 2017 15:42

Is there a library where I can rent english books/novels?

All libraries in Mauritius stock a selection of English/French as well as Hindi/Urdu/Chinese books. Some municipal libraries may have more of one language than another. So I think it's a good idea to sign up to your municipal library so you can borrow books.

The National Library of Mauritius has a search facility for their online catalogue where you can check books you're interested.

Many bookshops also sell second hand books, just ask them. There's one at La Rue Desforges in Port-Louis which I know for sure but can't remember the name.

22 Jul 2017 15:37

Sanskrit Speaking People

Not that I know of but you can learn it from MGI.

Clever Dodo will be introducing the concept of Groups (facility to create new group or join existing group) for likeminded people to come together soon, so you could create your own Sanskrit group :) If you would like to be notified when that happens, please let me know.

07 Jun 2017 00:04

If self-employed, can I give my business a name?

  1. If you are self employed, it means you trade under your name as stated on your birth certificate. Pattiserie Marie would be a company name in which case you can set up a one man company.

  2. Sure you can.

  3. Yep. As long as there are no financial gains, you can do that.

06 Jun 2017 23:18

Thinking of joining or even creating a group to help needy children

We've had a few people asking about this actually and I'm happy you are one of them too. There are NGOs which you can get involved with depending on how much time you'd like give to the cause and with whom/what you'd like to work with (people, animals, environment etc).

Regarding the closed article, I can get you in touch with Khairah if you wanted to.

Over the next few months, Clever Dodo will be changing its Q&A platform to allow like-minded individuals to create groups and come together to discuss topics of interest to them and organise events (eg Charity Group organising an event to go help an elderly people or children in need). If you would like to be notified when we are ready to accept new members, please let me know.

30 May 2017 12:42

Does emtel or orange store text messages?

Telecom companies have to store messages as they may not be able to relay the SMS instantly because:

  1. Too many people may be trying to send messages and their network is saturated currently, so the messages will be sent when resources are freed up
  2. The receiver may be out of range and therefore the message is stored and delivered when signal is restored
  3. Some countries require messages/calls to be stored for a definite period of time

Usually there's a time limit for message retention, that is, they cannot be deleted for 6-12 months (depending upon legislation) but the telecom company may delete it after that time or keep it for their own history.

I wouldn't know exactly how long Emtel or Orange store people's mobile data as this information is not publicly available.

12 May 2017 15:54

Is oral test for licence difficult?

Not really. It all comes down to practice.

The questions are mostly about traffic signs, so as long as you know what they mean, you will pass.

Try the free oral test on our website; it is similar to the real test.

19 Apr 2017 18:05

Neighbours dog barking non-stop, Quatre Bornes

You can try the tips listed here.

eg Contacting the Environmental Police

11 Apr 2017 16:14

How do I get a business loan in Mauritius in real estate?

Without proof of income, you won't be able to get a loan. So if you're unemployed, that will be a big NO.

The only exception to the rule would be if you apply for a business loan but for this, you will need to have a business plan in place with projections of how much money you expect to make yearly/monthly. Your purpose for the loan does not fall under this I think unless you run a restaurant/bar along. You can always try speak to a bank's manager to understand exactly the requirements for a business loan.

17 Mar 2017 18:36

App pu smartphone ki donn linformasion trafik lor sime

  • Traffic Watch by Mauritius Telecom (live video streaming but only covers Port-Louis)
  • Mauritius Drive Safe by Mauritius Telecom (speed camera, hazard and traffic news warning system)
10 Mar 2017 20:16

Coming to Mauritius to photograph a wedding - visa required for South African?

South Africans do not require a visa to enter Mauritius - see this link

As he's not doing any business here (not getting paid in Mauritius), he can just come and take the photos. It will be in his country of residence that he will be liable to tax. If anyone asks, he's the friend of the bride/groom who will take professional photographs of the wedding; no one can argue with that.

10 Mar 2017 20:08

How is wealth shared amongst heirs when someone dies?

You need to get an affidavit made. This legal document shows who are the beneficiaries of the deceased person. Just contact a solicitor (avoué) and he'll ask you to bring things like:

  1. Death certificate of your grandma
  2. Birth certificate and NI card for all persons who claim to be heirs
  3. Fees for his service

Whatever inheritance there is, you need to show by proof that it belonged to your grandma. So bank details in her name, land/property contracts etc.

If she has registered a will before she died, that may affect how much you inherit if at all.

All heirs need to sign some paperwork. If they are not present, a Power of Attorney (Procuration) would be required for a designated person to sign on behalf.

Note that, sometimes elders may be given preference in some cases. If there's a plot of land to be divided, an elder heir may be able to get the front portion (which can be more valuable) compared to younger ones.

The solicitor will explain everything to you.

Hope that helps.

07 Feb 2017 16:59

Is it legal to import a left hand drive car in Mauritius for spare parts ?

No. It is not allowed.

Extract from MRA website:

The vehicle should be right hand drive as the importation of left hand drive vehicle is prohibited.

15 Jan 2017 15:25

Where can someone purchase a proper Mauritian creole dictionary?

There are two links I've provided in this answer to a similar question, one is for the spelling and the other an ebook/dictionary for Mauritian Creole.

I hope your little get together goes well and you have a good time with your friends speaking the language. If there are things not covered by the links, you are welcome to ask questions like "How do we say 'How old are you' in Creole?" or "How do you write "I've had a good time with you my friends' in Creole?".

Welcome to Clever Dodo btw :)

15 Jan 2017 15:22

Why are there no elephants at Casela?

We have lions, cheetahs, tigers, zebras which come from Africa, why not elephants?

25 Mar 2017 15:34

Changes applied to Clever Dodo in January 2016 - Some data loss and some new privileges

First off, we've changed our hosting servers but unfortunately we lost some data.

  • Some users who have previously registered may find they are no longer members. If that's the case, go ahead and register again.
  • If you see your question is no longer listed, it's probably because it got lost. Just ask it again.
  • For those who have paid for the driving test but can no longer access the premium questions, please send an email to us and we'll sort it straight away.

We do apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.

New Privileges

We have enforced a new rule whereby a user needs to have at least 150 points before they can cast a downvote. As people are more likely to thumbs down someone when they disagree than thumbs up when they like something, we have therefore decided to prevent new members to cast downvotes until they have built enough reputation on Clever Dodo.

Previous downvotes have been nullified and points awarded back.

Writing articles will become easier as it will form part of a blogging service where each member will have their own blog. Some work has already been started on this and some articles set to blog status pending review. Those entries will appear again on the site under the blog subdomain.

If you have any questions, please let us know below.

01 Feb 2017 21:32

What would be good names for the different levels on Clever Dodo?

For those who don't know, many things you do on the Clever Dodo website gives you points eg answering question, commenting on articles etc. These points determine your current level and that is displayed next to your username to give you recognition/reputation for your contribution.

We currently have the following levels:

Level 1 : 1-249 points
Level 2 : 250-999 points
Level 3 : 1000-2499 points
Level 4 : 2500-4999 points
Level 5 : 5000-9999 points
Level 6 : 10,000-24,999 points
Level 7 : 25,000-49,999 points

We want to change that so that instead of "Level X" being shown next to your username, something more attractive is displayed. We were thinking of going with birds name as the Dodo comes from the bird family and have it in order of strength to reflect the status a user has in our community.

Here's what we were thinking of:

Level 1 : Hummingbird
Level 2 : Kestrel
Level 3 : Owl
Level 4 : Vulture
Level 5 : Falcon
Level 6 : Hawk
Level 7 : Eagle
Level 8 : Phoenix (we do not have a level 8 but that's going to be the ultimate title you can ever acquire)

Is this hierarchy good or should we put Vulture at Level 6 instead of Level 4?

Should we replace some birds name with something else eg replace Owl with Ostrich?

Or is there another level hierarchy you would like to see instead eg ranking system in karate (white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, brown, red black belts)

Let us know :)

09 Nov 2016 19:12

Anyone playing Pokemon GO in Mauritius, the augmented reality game?

Just wanted to know if any Mauritian is hooked onto this new craze to catch Pokemons at shopping malls, parks, forest, cities by using your smartphone as an augmented reality gadget?

Would be nice to know where these Pokemons are hiding in Mauritius - bet there are some at Bagatelle and Caudan.

19 Jul 2016 14:43

How would terrorist attacks in Mauritius affect life in the so called paradise island?

The Prime Minister's Office in Port Louis received an email yesterday (21 Jan 2016) regarding threats of terrorist attacks.

Terrorism is all about instilling fear but if that was to come true, how do you think that would affect life for us Mauritians?

22 Jan 2016 17:01

Lirik / Parol Sante Seinpe Ti Badinaz - Vishnou Carombayenin

Mo pe zis met bann parol / lirik sa sante la parski mo pe ekoute li la (pou dimounn ki interese) - ortagraf kreol morisien :)

Seinpe Ti Badinaz

Tou ti koumence zistwar enn seinpe ti badinaz
Sa lepok la mo pe dir twa to lespri tiankor bien volaz
Mo ti pe zwen twa mo gate, preske de fwa par semenn
Mo napa ti kone si to leker sa li rempli avek laenn
Bel bel parol to koze, mo kontan twa mo gate
Mo mor pou twa mo lavi, kot tou sa la azordi?

To ti pe amen to vilain rol, mo ti pe apresier la rokenrol
Mo ti pe apresier la rokenrol, mo pa ti truv nanye de drol
Mo kass latet lanuite lizour, to napa ti kone kisa lamour
Mo ti pe fini koumence vinn blem, avek tou to bann problem
Mo ti pe fini koumence vinn fou, mai pou twa nanye napa ti fou
Pou twa nanye napa ti fou, kan mem mwa ki mo vinn fou
Bel bel parol to koze, mo kontan twa mo gate
Mo mor pou twa mo lavi, kot tou sa la azordi?

Kot sa zourne dan lakaz, nou ti pe fer la menaz
To ti pe plore dan mo lebra, to dir mwa to pou ress avek mwa
To ti pe fer plan pou nou maryaz, tousala enn bann zestaz
To finn bien zwer aranze kase, mo ti la kouma enn loto kase
Mo leker finn blese, laiss mo dir twa ipokritt
Setadir, mo napa dir, atension to truv sa bien dir

Bel bel parol to koze, mo kontan twa mo gate
Mo mor pou twa mo lavi, kot tou sa la azordi?

15 Jan 2016 04:37

How effective are New Year's resolutions?

With the New Year comes the opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to become a better person, to change bad habits and to make time for things that matter the most.

I used to set these resolutions before but to be honest, most if not all, were never achieved. They were things I really wanted to do but I just never got the time to do them.

So how about you? Do you set New Year resolutions? Have they worked for you in the past?

01 Jan 2015 14:27

Any Mauritian victim of internet scams involving money?

I was talking to someone the other day and they wanted to buy a PS4 over the internet and were made to send Rs10,000 initially to someone in Nigeria through MoneyGram. Then they were asked Rs5,000 more to cover delivery costs, then another Rs5,000 as the console was apparently held at customs.

Obviously it was a scam but a lot of people fall victims to these and lose a lot of money as well as undergo a lot of stress. I wanted to know how big of an issue this is in Mauritius and to spread the word to stop people falling for these scams.

If you know of any past/current scams, please share with us to make people more aware and help others buy safely online.

25 Dec 2014 23:59

Riddle - How to get the goose out of the bottle?

A man takes a baby goose, puts it in a bottle and feeds it until it has grown the size of the bottle. How can he get the goose out of the bottle safely without breaking the bottle or killing the goose?

20 Dec 2014 19:27

Launch of the Clever Dodo Real Time Chat for Mauritians Around the World

Perhaps what motivated me more to have a live chat app on Clever Dodo is the fact that I think it would be nice to get in touch with other Mauritians in the UK. My view is shared by friends I have abroad as well and I believe it will be helpful for those going to study/work in a foreign country. Put it this way, if you're Mauritian, you need to join us :)

Oh I hear you say we have Facebook chat but unless you're friends with someone, you cannot talk to them. So I think having an open chatroom to regroup all fellow Mauritians is better.

I've gone in more detail about the features of the chat app and the benefits for everyone on the Clever Dodo Chat site, so check it out and let me know what you guys think of it.

22 Nov 2014 19:38

New features coming to Clever Dodo

This is what I have in mind for Clever Dodo:

  1. Live notifications of answers, comments, votes etc like the Facebook red alert you see when you're logged in (SignalR)
  2. Better search results (Lucene.Net)
  3. Private messaging to enable members to contact each other
  4. Groups (Public, Private, Secret) to allow members to form their own communities
  5. Homepage redesign to show all activity (who's voting, answering, attempting the quiz etc)
  6. Display images of Mauritius from Instagram on our gallery
  7. Possible launching a chat app to regroup Mauritians all over the world who want to talk to each other at any time of the day

I'm not too sure about point 7 though. Let me know if that's going to be of interest to you and any other suggestions you may have.


06 Sep 2014 16:23

If you were the Prime Minister, what changes would you make to make life easier for the citizens of Mauritius?

This should be for the welfare of fellow Mauritians, not yourself ;)

29 Aug 2014 13:28

What are your opinions about sexting in Mauritius? Should it be allowed?

Sending indecent photographs through your mobile phone/computer or any other gadget is referred to as sexting and this is forbidden by the Mauritian laws (Article 46(h) of the ICTA Act). This happens more with the younger generation and it's mostly girls who send comprising pictures of themselves.

So what are your views regarding this practice in terms of:

  1. Why it's more common with younger people
  2. Why girls tend to do it more than boys
  3. Why it's gaining popularity in Mauritius
  4. Whether it should be allowed or forbidden

You may agree or disagree, it's your point of view after all :)

23 Aug 2014 14:01

Who's going to win the World Cup 2014 in your opinion?

Just for fun, name a country and we'll see who wins :)

13 Jun 2014 02:36

Congratulations to Muzzammil for becoming a Level 2 member on Clever Dodo

Back in December 2013, you were just 10 points away from crossing over to Level 2 but a few months of inactivity has delayed your journey. Better late than never though, congratulations and welcome to the elite club of Clever Dodo and thank you for helping others.

21 Apr 2014 17:10

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014

We wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2014.

santa claus dodo

Spare a moment to help someone in need or bring a smile on the face of those who are alone to make the celebrations even merrier :)

25 Dec 2013 11:51

How to safely dispose of big household appliances such as washing machines and TV?

Got a 50 inch plasma TV that doesn't work as well as an old washing machine. Is there a place where they recycle these things or an organisation which can come collect them?

16 Dec 2013 22:47

Launch of the Clever Dodo Business Directory for Mauritius in Beta Mode

We're excited to announce a new section on our website - the Clever Dodo Business Directory. This will allow people looking for products & services to easily find a company which offers them.

How it benefits businesses

  • You can easily showcase your products & services
  • You don't need to have a website as the platform allows potential clients to easily contact you online
  • It's a clean and attractive design which works well on mobile phones, tablets and desktops
  • Your business profile page is already optimised for search engines which means greater visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc
  • It's free to list your business

How it benefits customers

  • Businesses are sorted by rating & reviews to make it easier for you to find reliable companies
  • The system searches for companies closest to you first, so if you live in GRNW (Port Louis), it will suggest businesses in Coromandel, Beau Bassin as well since they are within range
  • We are an independent and trusted website and only authentic reviews by people who've actually used the business will be published
  • With our "Get Quotes" service, you just fill in a form and you're able to get quotes for the service by several businesses in your area

Our aim is to promote small & medium enterprises online so that we can all benefit from it. Wouldn't it be nice if when you're in need of an electrician, you can easily find the top electricians in your area?

Please write a review of local tradesmen or other companies you've used so that others can benefit from your experience dealing with that business.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed as always :)

03 Dec 2013 14:39

Would you bribe to get what you want?

We all know the level of corruption in Mauritius is very high and people bribe for a lot of things including:

  • getting permits when you don't deserve them
  • having your applications handled sooner than others
  • obtaining driving licences without passing the test
  • avoiding fines and other penalties when you're guilty

The list goes on but what I'd like to know is whether you would bribe if you had the means to or would you just accept life is unfair and put up with it?

18 Nov 2013 10:18

What do you think about the new MyT decoder?

I've just received a letter from Orange asking me to come and exchange my old My.T decoder for an upgraded one.

Has anyone got the new decoder yet? Is it much better?

08 Nov 2013 10:49

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Of course there are good and bad things everywhere you go. However I wrote this based on my experience as someone who lived there for 2 years. When you go somewhere as a tourist, it is easy to overlook real problems because you know you wouldn't have to deal with them permanently.

If the cashier doesn't serve me with a smile, it doesn't bother me. But when you're trying to dial emergency services and the line is busy, well how "debrouillard" should you be then?

27 Jul 2016 22:06

Receiving Google Adsense payment in Mauritius

You need to have a website first. How long you've had it for does not matter.

Since adsense serves advertisements based on the context of your content, it is important you have a decent amount of text-based content on your site for them to approve your account and also to drive traffic and earn.

23 Jul 2016 03:06

My Reflection on Love for St Valentine’s Day

So to sum up your long post, we can still be happy even if we are single for St Valentine :D

06 Feb 2016 16:20

The Broken Savatte Leponze Analogy

Hmm...why do I get the feeling your second comment is rather cheeky? Maybe because I know you well enough :D

06 Feb 2016 14:08

The Broken Savatte Leponze Analogy

It would be nice if you could share how you have been creative in the past.

06 Feb 2016 14:05

Renewing your road tax aka motor vehicle licence

We do not allow self promoting posts here. First contribute something valuable by genuinely helping others, then we'll do the same for you.

12 Jan 2016 14:38

Mauritian Chicken Briani Recipe

This looks yummylicious. I like the effort you've put in to get all these nice pictures whilst cooking this delicious meal. The cheeky me wants to know what you'd use if you were going to make a veg briani :P

28 Sep 2015 07:14

Glass Jars Painted Into Candle Holder

So Miss DIY, how much is a can of spray paint and where can you get it?

I'm not sure I understand why the rubber band is needed? And what's a t-light candle?

The end result looks very nice :)

28 Sep 2015 07:11

Sweet & Sour Chicken Khairah Style

Yummilicious :)

It would be nice to know the cooking duration to have an idea how long one should allow for to do this.

If I wanted to make that with tofu instead of chicken, how would I prepare the tofu?

13 Sep 2015 21:36

DIY Wall Painting Using Tapes

This looks beautiful Khairah. How much would you say you spent doing this, including the design and the paint (and labour or time taken to complete)?

13 Sep 2015 21:30

Aloo Champs / Potato Cake Recipe

I used two large eggs for the recipe. So the aloo is dipped in the beaten eggs as this acts like a glue to hold the potato mix together.

21 Jul 2015 02:33

A Special DIY Yarn Wrapped Letter for Mother's Day

I'm sure you've had a great time doing arts and crafts with the kids and the mothers who received this truly unique letter were over the moon.

Looking at the pictures and seeing the messiness shows great DIY work. Keep up the good work that you're doing helping those kids :)

13 Jun 2015 22:58

How I Set Out To Help Children Coming From Poor Families

It's amazing what you do. If more people could spare a little bit of their time helping others, wouldn't the world be a nicer place to live in?

What's the next thing you've got planned for the kids?

18 Mar 2015 16:45

Recipe of the Magical Cake (Gato Mazik)

Looks yummy :)

What's the red thing on the cake - is that cherry? Didn't see it in the ingredients. Or maybe I missed something?

The section with "Your Very Own Tips" helps a lot. Great walk through btw.

14 Mar 2015 16:59

The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

Unfortunately, there are no unemployment benefits in Mauritius. It was ceased long time ago.

04 Mar 2015 00:55

The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

You've read this and come to the conclusion it's a whinge? I'm gobsmacked! I thought the illustration was spot on if not for the words, what do I know eh?

04 Mar 2015 00:54

My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

I would just put bunjee jumping as last.

By "we", I was thinking in the interest of all of us reading this, not you and me necessarily :P

02 Mar 2015 12:50

My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

I don't think I'll make it through the bunjee jump, can we swap the order of things slightly?

01 Mar 2015 20:57

How to register as self-employed if you are doing business in Mauritius

That's a real catch 22 situation. You can do one of 2 things:

  1. Explain the situation to the hotel or NTA and tell them you're unable to start work unless one of them gives you the paperwork
  2. Try to get a contact in the hotel to get you the document you need (on the basis of you scratch my back and I 'll scratch yours)
29 Jan 2015 13:35

Mauritian Farata/Roti Recipe

Some people leave the dough to rest for at least 30 mins before cooking, is that recommended?

And there are some who say it's important to wrap the cooked rotis in a wet cloth for them to stay soft. Is that necessary?

What's the difference between roti and farata?

Great pictures in the recipe btw :)

24 Jan 2015 13:31

The Broken Savatte Leponze Analogy

Times have changed. Technology has improved our lives. But I think it has come at a great compromise. Our creativity! I remember having to purchase £5 calling cards in the UK to speak to my family in Mauritius and being anxious knowing my credit may run out when I least expect it. Now I can talk freely on Skype or Whatsapp until I run out of things to say whilst having a call quality which is superior. I like the fact I can carry just my Samsung Galaxy S5 with me which allows me to take great...
19 Jan 2016 04:00

Aloo Champs / Potato Cake Recipe

It's been so long since I've had Aloo Champs, so I decided to make some. It's a tasty snack which is very filling as well. Ingredients 2 or 3 big potatoes 1/4 tsp garam masala 1 tsp fried onions 1 medium onion finely cubed 1 tsp mint leaves finely chopped 1 small green chilli finely chopped (optional) Instructions Step 1 Peel the potatoes, wash, cube, and put in a recipient with a tight cover. Add double amount of water, some salt and let boil on medium-high fire. (Or you can put them i...
06 Jun 2015 04:00

My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

It's 2am on a Wednesday morning and in 5 hours I need to go to work. I'm struggling to sleep - I'm probably lovesick! I'm singing heartbroken songs silently in my head and thinking about the C# codes I need to write for the project I'm working on at work. Then I start mixing the two and start thinking if I were to represent true love in code, what would it look like. Here's what I end up with: I've put a lock on the heart because, ideally, you would only love one girl at a time. However the f...
15 Aug 2014 04:00

NHDC houses are an illusion to give hope to poor families that they can become a home owner too

The truth is land has become so precious in Mauritius nowadays and they are meant for more rewarding projects (IRS & RES schemes etc) than to provide shelter to those in need. How to apply to the NHDC to be considered for a house You first need to meet two criteria: You or your partner do not currently own a house or a piece of residential land You have a 10% deposit for the house Next you need the following documents: Birth certificate National Identity card Pay slip (most recent ...
11 May 2014 04:00

The Process of Buying and Selling a Car in Mauritius

When I relocated to Mauritius in November 2011, I needed a car to get around but I didn’t know what the procedures were for me as the buyer. Fortunately the person who sold the car to me was a nice man and he explained everything to me. Two years later, I was in the shoes of the seller and I didn’t have a clue what papers were required for the sale but eventually I learned it all. So this post is to help future buyer and sellers. The Seller When you’re selling a car, you need to do the follo...
12 Feb 2014 04:00

Fizi Kapsil, the making of!

When I was a kid and videos games were not so popular, we used to have so much fun playing Fizi Kapsil/Fusil Capsile (Capsule Gun). Nowadays these old games are disappearing as more children get stuck to their computers but if parents can pass these on, we may have more kids playing outside. It can be good for bonding between parent and child too as there's a bit of DIY involved which is going to allow both to spend some quality time together. Things you will need to make the fizi kapsil A ...
21 Dec 2013 04:00

True cost of living in Mauritius

Before I relocated to Mauritius, I wanted to have an idea about how much things cost so that I could plan my move better. However the information available on the Internet was not accurate and up to date. Now that I've been living here for nearly 2 years, I'm in a better position to talk about this. Eating out You've got a lot of choice when it comes to eating out but I'd advise not to eat off the streets for the first couple of weeks until you've built up your immune system, otherwise you m...
14 Oct 2013 04:00

The best Pre-Primary schools and Nursery of the island

When the moment comes to send your child to school for the first time, it is not something a parent can take lightly. A lot of research goes into this and it is not always easy to choose which one is the best. My daughter is 2 and half years old and she’s getting really bored at home. Although it’s a full time job in itself to look after her and it would be ideal to use a good amount of that time towards our job, we decided to put her in a pre-primary school because she needs the interaction wit...
12 Sep 2013 04:00

The nasty gecko and the dishonest electrician

I woke up on a Wednesday morning and as always, I pushed the power button on my remote to switch on the TV but it wouldn’t turn on. I thought I didn’t plug the TV in but after checking all the cables and trying to manually switch it on from the appliance itself, I concluded it was an internal problem. So I looked for all information and solutions I could gather on the Internet to fix it but none worked. As I’m a bit of a DIY person, I dismantle the unit and to my utter dismay, I found a gecko d...
19 Aug 2013 04:00

To lead without a title? No, to do good deeds without expectation is better

I listened to Robin Sharma's speech yesterday and thought I'd share my opinion with you all... During his opening speech, he mentioned the fact he is now a Mauritian just like us and I thought it was cheesy to say something like this. Citizenship is one thing but to become a true citizen, you need to embrace the culture, the tradition and values of the country. You should feel it in your heart and when that happens, there's no need to even tell anyone about it because others will be able to s...
04 Aug 2013 04:00

The CWA should fix leakages faster to avoid unnecessary waste of water

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my water meter was leaking and after investigating the problem, I realised the guy who came to read the meter 2 days ago has caused some damage to it. It was six o’clock on a Wednesday evening when I decided to call the CWA hotline (170) to report the problem so they can fix it as soon as possible. The agent I spoke to asked whether the damage was before or after the meter and I wondered whether it really mattered but it turned out to be a very important quest...
24 Jun 2013 04:00

Taking your car for a fitness test at the Vehicle Inspection Centre

Sometimes you forget important things and that’s what happened with my car which was meant to go for a fitness test this year. The laws in Mauritius state that a vehicle needs to go for its first fitness test after 7 years from first registration (for imported cars, it will be the date it was originally registered in that respective country), otherwise you will be get a fine of Rs500 for using a vehicle without a valid test certificate (Section 15(1)). Well my car was registered in March 2006 in...
17 Jun 2013 04:00

Why do Mauritians tolerate unreliable tradesmen?

When I started having problems with a tap at my place, I called the landlord for him to get it fixed because the water pipe which needed accessing was behind the wall. He told me he would come along with a plumber to assess the damage on Monday. Once all inspection was done, Mr Trademen told me he would come round on Wednesday morning at 08:30am sharp. He was working in a bungalow at Albion and he would go there the following day but skip Wednesday to come to mine. However when at 10am on Wedne...
18 May 2013 04:00

Pacific oven door exploding

The other day I was celebrating my two year olds birthday; we were all outside having a nice time when all of a sudden there was a loud bang. I ran inside to see as it sounded like something had fallen, to my horror the glass of my oven door exploded and shattered to pieces. I only purchased this oven 14 months ago and can count on one hand how many times I have used it. It has been sitting idle in my kitchen for well over 6 months. All my guests were horrified but we were lucky that no-one w...
14 May 2013 04:00

The Mauritian Bloggers meeting at Bagatelle

If you were at Bagatelle yesterday, 20th April 2013, you might have come across some popular and some not so famous Mauritian bloggers. How you would have recognised them, you might wonder. Simple - the table in the food court with the most gadgets would have been ours. Tablets, dSLRs and smartphones were on display to help you guys find us easier, lol. No we’re not geeks, we’re just passionate about technology! For some of rest, it was the first time coming face to face with someone you’ve b...
21 Apr 2013 04:00

Clever Dodo Shop introduces personalised rice charms

We’re very happy to announce our new collection of personalised gifts - rice charms. They were supposed to be ready for Valentines but unfortunately, our supplier did not have an important piece in stock and therefore it has taken this long to finally put this back on our online shop. For those who are not familiar with the concept of rice charms, they are an accessory where a word (usually name of a person) is written on a grain of rice. This is then put in a vial and a special oil is added ...
30 Mar 2013 04:00

What to do if you get a faulty gas cylinder / bobone gaz or a leak in it?

Unlike European countries, Mauritius does not have underground gas connections and therefore people have to use gas cylinders (bobone gaz) for cooking purposes. They are available in blue, red, green and yellow and they cost Rs330 each. Green is the least popular of them all though. It’s not just a colour preference but it’s actually how they get connected to your main appliance (eg cooker). Some need to be screwed in and other lock in place by pressing them over. I use the blue one and it co...
24 Mar 2013 04:00

Rip Off Mauritius

I've been wanting to express my sheer disgust at the immoral people in Mauritius who rip you off at every opportunity they get but I didn't have time to write about this until now. The title of this post has been borrowed as it reminded me of a TV show I used to watch in England called "Rip Off Britain" where companies and individuals who are exploiting consumers are exposed. Let me walk you through my experiences first... The modest shop owners (ti commercant) I needed a new TV aerial becau...
18 Mar 2013 04:00

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

Many people have found it’s actually cheaper to buy a lot of things over the Internet and get it shipped to Mauritius or that they are able to get their hands on stuff which is not available in our country. Whatever the reason you may have to shop online, you will most likely have to go to the Parcel Office in Port-Louis. How to get there Everyone knows Caudan (if you don't, you need to get out more!) and after KiddyLand, there's the Postal Museum (the nice building made of stones) and right...
11 Mar 2013 04:00

Beware of unexpected bank overdrawn fees on your credit card

For many people, a credit card allows them to purchase things for which they don’t have the money yet. It could be items which are absolutely necessary for them or just stuff they’d like to keep them happy. I use mine differently though and the only reason I got the credit card in the first place is because I needed one to be able to make purchases on the internet. While most people will usually settle their bill at the end of the month when they get paid, either in full or by repaying a small ...
03 Mar 2013 04:00