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Launch of the Clever Dodo Boutique - Your Online Shopping Website

awesome work gices..maybe you should also create a facebook page to promote the shop?
but anyway keep it up..I'm sure that you'll get far with this :)

20 Jan 2013 21:47

Ena inpe kestion san repons lor sa sit la. Eski li pe tombe?

pa tro gagne letemps aster pé travail dans vacs la ;)

27 Dec 2012 23:55

ki bon apps ena pou android 2.3?

ki genres apps? apres li depend portab la ossi sa...

25 Nov 2012 20:55

Happy Diwali Clever Dodo!

Belated Happy Diwali to everyone :)

15 Nov 2012 01:07

Launch of the Oral Driving Test Simulator in Beta Mode

huuuh i failed the taster!! -_-
guess that i have to learn more.. :p
anyway it's a very good job gices :D

28 Oct 2012 19:58

Is a Galaxy S2 or S3 worth buying?

My brother has a Galaxy S2 and it's awesome(better than iphone) :p
But I don't know about S3..

06 Oct 2012 22:11, a product of Bharat Telecom finally launches fibre optic internet in Mauritius. Who's signing up?

Hmmmm the offers are interesting... The Performance seems nice because I download lots of large files(and the budget at home is limited)... :p
Now I just need info about the TV channels...

Many people will sign up for Bharat... Mauritius Telecom should be afraid, very afraid.. :D

01 Oct 2012 18:35

Can we live upto 10,000 years?

No I don't think so... Because our body cells have a time limit in which they can divide.. After this limit, we die.. However some animals are biologically immortal like a type of jellyfish.. But I don't think it might work for human...
Maybe you can achieve immortality by using magic... ;)

30 Sep 2012 22:16

Eski nou (morisien) lib dans nou pays?

par religion... mo famille ena religion mix(musulman, chatolique ek hindu)
mem si mo pa 1 dimune religieux, kot mo rester la majoriter famille musulman.. alors kumadir par respect pu zot mo pa kav fer seki mo envi.
si kuma dir envi amuzer bizin al trankil. mo truv sa stressant..
maurice libre mai dimune limiter par buku zafer...

18 Sep 2012 20:34

Will you still buy Apple Iphone after it has officially agreed to block you for stupid reasons?

I like never liked Apple... Their products are overpriced. They fear competition. They pretend to be innovative but yet they create stupid patents to prevent other companies from being original. Example: the simple rounded corners of the Galaxy S3. Will Apple sue every company that makes rounded corner mobile phones? With the recent court case in which Samsung had to pay $1.05 billion to Apple, the latter had proved that it indeed FEAR his toughest competitor and is greedy for money. Apple is now being hated and if this new patent is really applied, it will be hated even more...

18 Sep 2012 20:25

Do you think it's true that some governments are controlling weather?

The Middle East countries always have something against the Western. Okay it can be possible to change a country's climate, but why is only the Western who is accused? Their minds are set on the US. What would the US gain from preventing rain ONLY in Iran? Is there any other Eastern country making similar claims? The climate is severely changing, have they not thought about that?
What!? Western states created the HIV virus?? No Seriously? -_-
In my view: Iran just wants some attention nothing more...

China creating rain is true. They use this method in areas that suffers from severe drought. Yes it has some problems (killing or injuring people), but it's for the good of the economy as China produce and consume a lot of rice...

Why Iran is not using this method to solve their problems instead of having nuclear programs and complaining about the scarcity of rain? I'm sure that they have the funds needed for this...

16 Sep 2012 23:21

Eski bann la boutik enkor donn dimun credi pu acheter zot komisyon?

oui kot mo rester ena 2-3 la boutik encr donne credit ou soi laisse aller si mank 1 tigit bas sakene kone so camarad akoz sa zot fer confiance...

14 Sep 2012 16:08

Congratulations to Gices for reaching level 4.

Congratulations gices :)

19 Aug 2012 21:44

Congratulations to Khush_Mendossa for attaining Level 3

Congratulations Khush!! :)

31 Jul 2012 20:54

Ki kapav fer ek vier cd, printer, lecran tousa?

avec ban cd la to kapav fer ban decoration pu lakaz ou soi ban truc artisanal...1 example to kapav kass zot en morceau lerla to kapav fer ban zafer kuma mosaic tou sa..

avec ban printer, lecran ek tower; to kapav geter sipa ena encor piece ki encor bon kumsa to kapav vende zot fer 1 tigit largent...
enfin, ena buku fasson pu organise zot, soizir seki to envi aster.. ;)

28 Jul 2012 11:25

Ki kalite zue zot envi truve lor Clever Dodo?

pacman, tetris ou bomberman... xD
3 classic...enfin, pa konE sipa dimune pu rod zouer sa aster...

22 Jul 2012 19:13

How do students of secondary level plan to spend their holidays?

I will have to stay at home to revise.. -_-
nothing else in mind for the know, students are :p

22 Jul 2012 19:12

Eski dan Moris ankor zwe Boul Kas Kot?

ki pu fer? ban zenfant zordi zur in nepli envi al zuer dehors, sanC zot pu bleC ou soi parents em pa tro laisse zot zouer dehor...
kuma gices in dir: tou sa ban zouer traditionel la p mort tigit tigit...nek assiz lakaz zouer video games ou nek get film ki interess zot...akoz sa zenfant paress ek sedentaire!!

21 Jul 2012 10:58

Where can I practice archery in Mauritius?

Also, what are the fees of applying for a membership to such places?

Out of subject: It's good to be back on CleverDodo. I hope that you're all fine and that some of you here still remember me. :p

02 Mar 2014 18:16

kifer kan gagne 1 gro klak zorey fer "zwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"?

mo pan gagne klak ein mo p zis demander :p

19 Dec 2012 19:49

Kuma dir "jambalak" en anglais??

ek "pomme zako"?

26 Nov 2012 19:55

Kifer asoir mo ress gagne faim?

mem kan mo fini dinner, mo encor ena sa sensation faim la...
mem si mon manz buku, faim la rester mem...kifer sa??

02 Nov 2012 20:28

What are the myths and legends of Mauritius?

and folktales...

26 Oct 2012 14:12

What are your views about the pyramids of Plaine-Magnien?

Please read these 2 links before answering. One is in english and the other in french.
Any theories are welcome.. ;)

04 Oct 2012 23:40

Are Mauritian doctors incompetent?

Nearly a month ago it was said that our Prime Minister Dr. Navin Ramgoolam was in England to sustain a "minor surgery". Why in England and not in Mauritius? Is he insulting them?

01 Oct 2012 21:08

Kot sa kapav fer guided tour ou soi adventure tour?

pu mo projet travel & tourism sa ek kot in ariver la a court l'idE.... suggest moi bane place ki pa tro chere mai ki assez abordable pu ban students....

28 Sep 2012 21:19

Kot sa mo kapav gagne Vermiculite?

mo torti in fek pond dizef...letemp mon fer recherche la plupart p dir mo bizin vermiculite pu kapav laisse zot incuber(parski li 1 soil conditioner)
get sa article la au cas zot pa pé koner kieter sa..
merci d'avance.. :)

06 Aug 2012 17:19

numero telephone ene cancérologue??

eski kikene kav donne mw numero 1 bon cancérologue??
mo bizin sa urgent plz...

18 Jun 2012 20:09

kifr Avengers pa pu zouer maurice??

Cinema Star p dir akoz li pan ressi gagne ban droits film la...
kisana kav donne moi 1 raison comprehensible? eski zot in tarder pu acheter ban droits la ou soi zot tro chere?

03 Jun 2012 19:39

Kifer kan to raye lor 1 vitre ek 1 plume ki pa ecrire li re-ecrire apre?

kifer kan 1 plume pa ecrire dimune dir raye lor 1 vitre lerla li pu ecrire???
1 ta fois mo plume ti aret ecrir letemp mo raye lor vitre la plupart letemp li re kumence ecrire....par ki mirak sa marser??

23 May 2012 17:17

mon envi koner ki groupe sanguin mo eter?

bon mo extra peur pikir ek mo peur sa ban zafer seringue ki pa steriliser la moi. mais certains circonstances in al fer moi envi koner dan ki groupe sanguin mo eter. dir moi 1 bon place kot mo kapav al check sa? gratuit sa??
16 May 2012 17:57

Kot sa ena erosion la terre dans Maurice?

eski zot kapav dir moi ki ban place kot ena erosion la terre akoz deforestation dan sa pays la??
09 May 2012 20:38

Kot sa vende earphone original marque Skullcandy?

mo koner ena vendeur Beats By Dre original dans caudan mai vendeur pu Skullcandy mo pencor truver ditou.. help?
01 May 2012 22:51

Eski zot pencer ki dan maurice la police fer zot travay kuma bizin?

ban travay kuma control traffic pu limite ban accidents, enquetes lor crimes, etc..
24 Apr 2012 23:12

Kot sa premier KFC in ouvert?

Ena pe dir Port-Louis ek ena pe dir Curepipe. Kikene koné exactement?
24 Apr 2012 17:30

Mauritius Aquarium Review

I was thinking of doing a guided tour there for my travel & tourism project for HSC next year...
From your feedbacks, I think you just saved my project... thank you :)

16 Jun 2012 21:19

How to get an ‘A’ in General Paper (G.P)

your article is're also giving good advice..its just awesome...
however i'll correct you about your last paragraph:

you must now do BOTH comprehension and data...

27 May 2012 21:33

Bharat Telecom 2Mbs internet package for Rs280 to Mauritians

Btw I have My.T since 2007!!
19 May 2012 23:43

Bharat Telecom 2Mbs internet package for Rs280 to Mauritians

Well if Bharat is offering unlimited internet access, i'll switch to them. The TV channels are also tempting. The Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels are enough to convince me. ;)
19 May 2012 23:42

MyT TV Package review

haha ya looks like I've lost my mind... sorry
08 May 2012 20:49

MyT TV Package review

oh I forgot about them..sorry
Maybe that I'm not really understanding your point, but i'm talking about internet services...
08 May 2012 00:24

MyT TV Package review

seriously, I hate MyT. But sadly even if the services are bad, they are better compared to others... :(
25 Apr 2012 17:09
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