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Is there a real Vegan society or club here?

Vegan and Vegetarian isn't the same. But I like your idea of a a vegan society @Khush_Mendossa

23 Mar 2014 11:30

List of English Medium Preschools & Nursery in Port-Louis.


Anyone know the list of most of the English preschools and nurseries in Port-louis. Thanks in advance.

15 Oct 2015 12:11

How to prevent fraud against your Paypal account?

How can I create a paypal account? Any safe way to avoid frauding? I have this friend that told me to create a bank account where I can put a certain amount when I need to, that way when there is no money on the account no fraud can be done.

Any tips are welcomed thanks in advance.

29 Sep 2014 08:08

From a vegan point of view, how's white sugar processed in Mauritius?

HeLLoooo CD people,

I'm going vegan and just wanted to ask a silly question. How's white sugar done here in Mauritius?? In the States, they are processed and filtered through animal bone char. Or should I substitute it with brown sugar??

Thanks in advance.

23 Mar 2014 11:27

Volunteer work in Mauritius or abroad.

Hey guys, I've been willing to start volunteer work either here or abroad. Anyone knows where to go for more info?? I wanna work for children esp. orphans. Preferably in Port-Louis or nearby area. Should I go and ask in Church??

Thanks in advance.

11 Nov 2013 13:34

Working from home jobs in Mauritius

Hi everyone, I wish to work from home (Mauritius) but don't know how to. I've made my searches online but no legal companies, at least not those I came across.

Any information is appreciated, thank you!!

10 Oct 2013 11:10

Courses for Bank Tellers...

What courses should i take for a job as Bank teller?? B'sides ACCA that is and preferably in P.Louis.

18 Feb 2013 08:58

Any courses in Mauritius, results recognised in Canada.


  1. Any local IT & Childcare Courses results recognised in Canada?? Preferably courses in P.Louis.
  2. Costs and how long does the courses take?

For my BFF tryin' to find a job in Canada, thanks.

18 Feb 2013 08:54

How to immigrate to Berkeley California USA without sponsorship?

If you don't have any family to sponsor you, what are the other options left beside student visa to be able to immigrate to USA legally?

10 Sep 2012 13:22

Is there a course in Mauritius that is USA recognised?

I'm looking for a local course that is USA recognised. I've been thinking of going for a course that can help me find a better job abroad: Health & Safety or Air Hostess. But most peeps are telling me better go study abroad itself. Is there such a course available in Mauritius?

10 Sep 2012 13:19

New National Identity Card Mauritius

Thank you so much gices.

11 Oct 2013 06:45

New National Identity Card Mauritius

Hi, bout the recent passport size photograph, should I have it taken elsewhere(bring along my D.O.B certificate & proof of address) or the photos will be done at the ID Conversion Centre??

Thanks in adv....

10 Oct 2013 10:56
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