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Where to buy bitcoin, perfect & web money in Mauritius?

Just for your information, did you know that you mine bitcoin on the internet. You need powerful graphics card for this. And yes they take a lot of time.

13 Oct 2016 15:56

For academic essay, can we start with the negative points then shift to the positive one?

IMO it depends on what you want to lay emphasis on. You want the reader to know from the beginning that you are against or for an argument.

It also depends on what most readers believe in.

If most people believe this is right, but you want to tell the reader that in fact it is wrong, then you should start with positive points and then move towards negative points.

If most people believe this is wrong, but you want the reader to understand that this is right, then you should start with negative points and slowly move towards positive points.

Now with whichever you might be starting, you should keep it to a minimum, you want the reader to understand that these positive point are not enough or these negative points don't matter so much.

If you're agreeing with what most people believe in, then you should start with whatever they believe in - positive or negative and in the end talk a bit about the opposite.

Of course in the intro you should give a hint as to what you believe in.

My explanation might not be clear - explaining something this complicated by writing here is terribly difficult.

Remember everything written above is just my opinion.

10 Jun 2016 21:15

What is the latest date for UoM to send confirmation you have been accepted?

There's still time dear, I got mine on 17 June.

05 Jun 2016 14:46

Solar panels in Mauritius

Rs50,000 Can you tell me the name of some company?

05 Feb 2015 19:59

Politics in Mauritius


Can someone please make an article about Politics in Mauritius?

15 Dec 2016 05:38

Quinoa available in Mauritius?

Hi, Quinoa is high in protein (See wiki), I wanted to know If i can buy it or plant it Mauritius?

By the way, what high protein veg foods do you know?

14 Dec 2016 14:14

Start to buy shares

How to start buying shares?

18 Nov 2016 16:57

Why am I unable to use Paypal on some websites which clearly say they accept this form of payment?

Do know why some websites although they permit us to buy with paypal, do not let me buy?

I'm using my sbmsmile card on paypal.

I'm not getting the option to select my card.

No I'm not trying to buy on ebay or any other shopping websites that might know.

18 Nov 2016 12:17

Clay pots Cement


Is cement added to clay pots (Earthen pots) that are sold in Mauritius?

13 Oct 2016 15:53

Banana growing from middle of plant


Bananas are growing from the middle of the plant rather than from the upper portion. Do you think it has any special significance?

13 Aug 2016 05:01

Ankle Weight for Training


Does anyone know where I can buy ankle weights for training?

13 Aug 2016 04:57

Painting my room


I have to paint my room again, I'll be using the same color. I wanted to know how to prepare the paint starting from opening the can of paint.

Should i mix water with the paint? If yes how much?

Also any tips about buying a can of paint?

What about using rollers? Watching videos on youtube - they had a special type of container for keeping the paint when using the roller. Is there any special container being sold in Mauritius for using rollers?

Thank you.

05 Jun 2016 15:35

Student Bus Pass

Suppose a student is going to the Reduit(UOM) and he can travel two different routes if he want:
Route 1: take a bus directly to Reduit
Route 2: take 2 buses to go to Reduit

My question is does the student has the right to take Route 2 and use his Student Bus Pass?

05 Jun 2016 14:31

Laws concerning the use of plastic bags

What are the laws concerning the use of plastic bags in Mauritius?

Please quote the relevant Sections of Acts when answering if possible.

05 Jun 2016 14:24

Buying on Ebay

Can i buy these things on ebay:

05 Jun 2016 14:22

Buy DVD Pack

Hi does know where I can buy a DVD Pack?
I really need one.

05 Jun 2016 14:12

Do we use British or American English in Mauritius?


Mauritius uses which English language: British English(UK) or American English (US)?

10 Jan 2016 21:32

Which items can i buy on ebay?


I want to buy some items on ebay like Jaggery, knives, triphala powder. But i'm worried that the custom office will block these items.

Please help.

11 Jul 2015 09:30

Tuition and Exam Fees for ACCA F1?


I wanted to know the tuition fees for ACCA F1 and also the exam fees?
Whats its fees at Charles Telfair and LCA?

A side question:
Whats better - a Bsc Finance Degree or ACCA?

Thanks a lot.

21 Apr 2015 05:46

How to write our address with the new postal code system in Mauritius?


I wanted to know how to write my address now that The Mauritius Post is introducing postal codes.

Suppose i live at Caroline, Bel-Air Riv Seche, Flacq
postal code: 40102
In what format should i write it?

Please help!!
Thanks in advance.

14 Mar 2015 10:43

HIV Testing in Mauritius - Where to go, results and confidentiality


I want to if there is an HIV testing centre in Rose-Hill?
How much time does it take for the test?
Is the test free of charge?
Is there any risks of a person's personal info being made public?
How will they give the results, is it by mail or on the spot or by phone?

Thanks in advance

07 Mar 2015 20:59

Science Student Doing Finance Course


Can a science student do a Bsc Finance course?

11 Feb 2015 18:29

Women Sexual Desires


I'm just curious.

Is it true that:

  • most women feel the want to have sex everyday?
  • married couples have sex everyday?
  • wives have sex with their husbands during pregnancy?

how many times would a married couple have sex in a month?

08 Feb 2015 19:56

How many calories in one round bread - du pain maison?


Do you know how much calorie is in one bread?

"Du pain Maison"

07 Feb 2015 04:01
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