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Choix de sujet a l'universite

Rien ne garantie si tu auras un travail que ce soit un BSc Maths ou Pyschologie.

Je te conseil vivement de choisir cel que tu aime et qui est ta passion.

11 Feb 2016 00:26

Orange Cell Phone Towers

Hi. The risk for health is serious. Get a good lawyer else, as proven, cancer strikes those living near the towers.

“Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50m of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours,” said Prof. Girish Kumar, department of electrical engineering, IIT Bombay, who submitted a report on cell tower radiation to the department of telecommunications in December 2010."

Do not waste more time and act fast.

06 Feb 2015 23:08

If HSC exams for different subjects are not taken at the same sitting, will it be a problem when applying for University?

As far as regulations are concerned, universities look for results under ONE sitting, not combined. An advice would be to take 3 subjects main + 1 sub, else your chances are minim.

There is no great difference between june/november sessions as, so far, I've never seen any university requirements stating that they do not accept June session.

06 Feb 2015 23:00

Eske Lawatutor Qb ene bon choix?

1 advice, al check CLBS, Beau Bassin.

06 Feb 2015 22:55

Ten years of suffocation under in-law abuse - what to do?

Hi. Having studied Law, the best advice I can give you is to take your husband and child and start a new life. There is something greater than law created by human, which is karma. It comes late, but it comes.

06 Feb 2015 22:53

Massive Open Online Course

ALISON is very good.

Nevertheless, I contacted them myself months ago concerning its recognition in Mauritius.
You have to pay Rs1000 for this information!! So I didn't bother going forward. I have a Diploma in HR via this website. But don't expect getting a job with this in Mauritius as the employers are not so well MOOC informed.

However, it can be a plus as some really intelligent employers will see that you are willing to learn more while having less[money].

There is also Coursera which I have several Statements of Accomplishment from but doesn't seem to have effect in this "cyber-loving" island. I think the TEC believes if everyone starts learning online then the universities here will just go bankrupt.

Take care.

20 Jun 2014 21:22

How to discourage someone from smoking?

From my view (having studied social epidemiology) there is no way to discourage an adult from smoking. Only children can be stopped. The person by himself perhaps one day will have a sort of enlightenment. And I'm saying this after studying the facts and figures.

04 Dec 2013 12:45

I am going for my taxi licence test, want to have a list of questions that I may get

A list I don't think so but you MUST know a lot of stuff relating to mechanic.

15 Jul 2013 19:21

Kuma dir *update* an kreol?

Mo pense update mem. Ousa 'met a jour'. Apart sa pena narien dans sa kreol la.

15 Jul 2013 19:20

Is there any women only gym or sessions in Mauritius?

As far as I know, every government sports complex has a gym in Mauritius, and in every one of them, there are sessions for women only. 3 times per week.

07 Feb 2013 10:03

How can I include a user registration form for blogger?

What do you mean by user registration? There's an option that enables only Google/Blogger users to access your blog.

If you want a registration like that of CleverDodo then you need a database which is not free.

31 Jan 2013 22:55

Is it appropriate to do business on facebook and does that guarantee success?

I know RD Sarees is having success through facebook. If you sell things people want, then success is guaranteed.

29 Jan 2013 20:22

Will the Driving Licence Counterpart create better drivers in Mauritius?

The elders (some in the police force) have told me that it will create more bribes just like pre 2000 period. In their words: "nek geter ban lapolis pou re kumans ena poisson 2 koter motosiklet."

So, it has a strong chance of creating worse drivers.

28 Jan 2013 22:06

qui lafenétre pli bon pvc ou aluminium? et qui fer?

Enn zoli repons pou toi. Click ici

28 Jan 2013 22:03

Have shopkeepers ceased selling cigarettes in detail?

By the law yes. By the night no!

26 Jan 2013 16:53

Why cigarettes are not sold in packs of 10

Higher price = less buyers
Less buyers = less smokers
Less smokers = clean country

26 Jan 2013 16:51

What are the prices for Cloud Services in Mauritius?

Need to know if it is financially feasible for a small company to adopt Cloud.

24 May 2014 03:29

Who is in charge of the .mu domain?

If possible an office address.

15 Jul 2013 19:29

What are the best hosts?

In terms of price, service, subdomains, storage capacity, speed.

07 Jun 2013 17:26

What courses are best regarding servers?

I'll soon get free time.
Are there any courses specialised for Servers? If not, what courses do offer modules that show how to set up a server from start to end, the back-end part of web programming and also the web design part?

24 May 2013 22:34

Where are used 4x4 sold in Mauritius?

Apart from press.

07 Apr 2013 21:03

What makes people continue eating meat even if they know it's evil?

This is a question that I meditate on often but can't find any answer.

31 Jan 2013 18:31

How to discourage spamming on a blog?

I am getting around 50 comments per day and 45 of them are sure to be spam. It is a waste of time to go through all these comments. Help needed. Blog is on blogger.

21 Jan 2013 21:19

Kotsa ena promotion lor battery laptop?

Pou enn HP Compaq.

15 Jan 2013 08:57

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

I didn't quite understand if you are in Mauritius or not. Never believe an agent until you have tangible proof. Get the notary to show you a certificate that there is no lien then consider buying it. You will get the land owner's name on it too.
A deposit of how much is the notary asking for? If more than Rs1000 then he's a vulture.

You can buy with bank transfer. But do check what I told you above.

For the construction, check whether the land is agricultural or residential. If it's agricultural, check whether it is within the "irrigation zone" set by the government as you cannot build anything on this type of land. If residential, make sure no one will have a complain against your building permit by checking the laws of the type of building you are going to erect.

Hope this helps.

25 Jan 2014 22:02

Fizi Kapsil, the making of!

This is good stuff. this was not present in my time. looks like someone is old lol

21 Dec 2013 12:47

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

The details you provided are not enough.

07 Apr 2013 12:07

Rip Off Mauritius

Hemp is the solution. Take a look where hemp is used...the results are outstanding.

29 Mar 2013 11:39

Salon International du Livre

To be frank I don't buy these general books. I find it a waste of time. What I have on the contrary, is old, rare book which does not have the blabla of the new books. And science books.

16 Mar 2013 22:41

How to develop a simple calculator using C Sharp (C#) Visual Studio 2005

i've got eclipse. I need a coach. Any idea?

08 Mar 2013 20:24

How to find your Ancestors

Yes your grandma's birth certificate would be helpful to trace back your roots.

07 Feb 2013 10:00

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Modern day slavery is a conspiracy theory.

29 Dec 2012 23:31

Grand Bassin, Ganga Talao

Nice article. I'm currently uploading an HD video of a full tour of Grand Bassin. Will share it at night.

23 Dec 2012 20:38

Counterfeit mobile phones, a growing problem in Mauritius!

It is this site that told me about Sony Ericsson. The other you mentioned in the article didn't have any info about my IMEI.

17 Dec 2012 20:52

Counterfeit mobile phones, a growing problem in Mauritius!

It's saying my Samsung is a Sony Ericsson??

17 Dec 2012 16:46

How to develop a simple calculator using C Sharp (C#) Visual Studio 2005

Do you do android apps? I'm starting to make some. I ditched away Visual Studio long time ago.

08 Dec 2012 22:57

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

I believe in non-violence too. But I also believe some people can't understand simple talks. And they seem to understand very well 'sign' language.

27 Oct 2012 09:37

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Gices, you know, I wonder how you keep your calm. Give me your yoga teacher's number. Because I'm going to start using my punches again. And then I'm gonna write an article "How to use punches effectively" lol..

I'm glad am not like these people.

26 Oct 2012 21:12

How much do you know Mauritius? Play this game to find out!

Hahaha! The Baobab tree has fallen!!

08 Oct 2012 18:23

How much do you know Mauritius? Play this game to find out!

I think I'm gonna make a harder one ^_^

08 Oct 2012 18:22

Things to avoid for a healthy body


If you want to discuss, or make any suggestions, check my personal blog. I enjoy debating with people who think :)

06 Oct 2012 23:56

Things to avoid for a healthy body

Without a healthy body every aspect of your life will collapse. Health problems are bound to happen. What will follow is depression, limited social interaction, loss of confidence, lack of money, ignorance, being immoral, relationship problems and doing things that will only make you worse. What you consume affects you directly every second of your life. Imagine you drink poison. In less than a minute you're dead! Now imagine you drink a vitamin. You'll logically be healthy. Things to always ...
22 Aug 2012 04:00

Guide to the Penalty Points System for driving offences

Penalty Points system has been recently introduced in Mauritius. What is it? It is an amendment in the Road Traffic Act. Objective: Make drivers safety conscious. Let's see in general what it's all about. Everything written here is a direct interpretation of THE ROAD TRAFFIC (AMENDMENT) BILL (No. XVIII of 2012). Every driver has 0 points. As the driver commits offences regarding traffic, he accumulates points. If he has more than 15 points, i.e, starting from 16, the driver's license is cancell...
14 Jul 2012 04:00

Zue nirport ki instrimen

Ou pa p kone kotsa ena bon profeser lamizik? Ou pena kass ousa ou impe timid pou al zue enn instrimen? Ek ou envi kone kuma zue nirport ki instrimen? Alalila oun vin dan bon plas! Kuma ou fini konpren sa lozik dans sa lartik la b ou pou lor bon sime vin enn mizisien. Dabor, less mo montre zot baz lamizik. Ena 7 not ki servi entier lemorn. Nou get sa en premie. Ban not la zot Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si. Apran sa par ker. Sak not ena 1 frekens. Plis not la apre b so frekens plis for. Mais sa zot pa ne...
09 Jul 2012 04:00

Ki fonksyon nou ban Minister

Dans Moris, ena buku Minister. Saken ena so fonksyon pou ki pai la develope. Li importan ki nou kone ki ban minister ena ek ki zot rol. Monn ekrir lor ban seki pli populer pou le moman. Sa kapav aid zot dans zot lavi kotidyen. Minister Defens, Ban zafer intern ek Komunikasyon Extern Dr The Hon Navinchandra RAMGOOLAM, GCSK, FRCP Sa Minister la li en sarz 11 departman: - Civil – Sa v dir ki li en sarz tou ban zafer concernan naisans, Lamor ek ban zafer kuma maryaz. - Lapolis - Servis Informas...
06 Jul 2012 04:00

How to find your Ancestors

So you want to trace your roots? You can have your own reasons to do so. For legal, cultural or just curiosity. But I should give you a word of warning first. It may be possible that while researching your own background, this might lead to some disappointments or bad surprises. For instance, you may discover that your ancestor did not share your religious beliefs. So, discretion is advised and it will be better if you keep the information away from sensitive persons. If you are already in Mau...
18 Jun 2012 04:00

Most IT Courses in Mauritius offer only attendance based certificates

Recently, the government declared the island as 'cyber-island'. If you are familiar with other 'cyber-countries', you will soon realise that Mauritius is not a cyber-island. It is just a fancy word that is inappropriately used. I have been looking for IT-courses for the past few months. When you decide to choose a course, you generally look for something that is recognised (i) in Mauritius (ii) overseas. I won't be citing any private center name here for legal reasons. I first went to the Nat...
18 Jun 2012 04:00

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

So you have decided to buy your own piece of Mauritius. But you are confused or unsure about the steps you have to take? Rest assured! Here comes the right guide. Whether it’s an agricultural or residential land, the best way to make a safe deal is to, deal directly with the owner of the land. Don’t be fooled by people who represent the owner, as, once you have bought the land by listening to the words of the person who represents the owner, it is extremely difficult to prove a contract void (...
03 Jun 2012 22:50

How to get an ‘A’ in General Paper (G.P)

Competing for laureate or want to pass with flying colours? Read this then. I've seen many students focus on researching on new topics very often. But they totally ignore their grammar! Formation is important. If you REALLY want to get this 'A', the first step you should do is to check your dictionary, your lower classes books and copybooks and anything that contain English grammar.Something you should do quite often is to check the Examiner's Report. And be sure to have your syllabus with you. ...
27 May 2012 04:00