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Why is my ebay transaction via Paypal linked to SBM Smile Card not appearing on my internet banking statement?

even i used to get that problem with MCB prepaid card......what i would suggest is the money hast been in the sellers account.sometimes it may take 2 days.if you can see the transaction on paypal.mu ,it means you will see the info shortly{24- 48}hours max.whereas sometimes it may be as little as 2 mins.......dont worry.it is kind of normal

07 Jan 2017 09:16

Buying VR box from ebay

i need to buy a VR box from ebay which csts $13 aroung RS500..will i need any ICTA permit or things like that to release it from Parcel Post Office?

11 Jan 2017 18:57

What can I do if I didn't receive an item I bought online from a seller abroad?

I have already bought 3 phone on different days to be shipped to different person from a seller known as box1la0. The phones haven't been received yet.

When I tried to contact the seller several times, no reply from his side............he was a seller selling more that 100 item but now he has just disappeared.

What can be done? He claimed to have already ship the item and gave me a tracking number.when i contacted china post they told me that the parcel is unregistered mail and cannot be tracked .please advice me...Mauritius post says they don't keep record of unregistered mail o they cant tell me whether the item has reached Mauritius or not..

06 Jan 2017 11:53

Receiving item from china

i have bought several items from china which were sent using economy shipping.no doubt , was not given any tracking number.since the seller have 100%positive feedback, i dont think he cheated me. How can i know if the parcel have reached mauritius or not.its been 2 weeks since it has been posted

22 Dec 2016 17:22

Tracking of items from China Post

I ordered a package from china and i was given this tracking number: [tracking number removed] and this website to track it: http://track-chinapost.com/ i read on the internet that the tracking number given to me is that of an unregistered mail and no tracking wont be further uploaded.please check on the website and tel me what you understand by what is written there

20 Dec 2016 17:00

Need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?

Hey guys I need some help, need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?

18 Dec 2016 18:48
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