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kotsa mo kapav gagn bross a dent elektrik seki charge par courant a Moris??

Well i guess cot 361 cot li sell ban bross a dent de la marque phillips mais so prix aussi li un peu chaud environ 1500 a 3000

27 Sep 2012 21:40

Is there a recognised institution apart from VTI that gives Mechanical courses?

Well you have Ivtb, but I would rather go with Vti for many reasons, first its an city and guilds aprroved course, secondly you have the part time option everyday saturday from 9:00 to 15:00 ( not really sure about the time).

25 Jul 2012 23:10

What books did you use to read as a teenager?

Hi, well for me, Ive always been crazy about Stephen King and H.P Lovecraft horror fiction books. Stephen simply is the King. From every writer I know is he the most genius writer. Cheers

13 Jun 2012 13:45

Salut, un dimun cpve conseil moi cot mo cpve gagne ban tatami mat?

Bon voila, mo p rod un tatami mat or interlocking floor tiles? Personne pas conner cot mo cpve gagne li? Thanks

06 May 2013 22:58

Cim Finance, qui procedure pou ouvert un compte avk zot?

Mo ti envi conne procedure pou ouvert un account avk Cim, pou capave pren ban produit lor credit? Btw bonne annee 2013 a vous.

04 Jan 2013 11:35

Petite question, mo p rod un set resistance tube/band?

Salut a vous, mo p rod un set resistance tube, mon rod allsport, city sport nada. Any suggestion?

22 Nov 2012 20:29

Levi's shop, eski encor ena ban magasin Levi's Strauss maurice?

Et si possible combien so ban jean etai? 5 ans de cela mo ti paie un environ 1500 et li encor la. Thanks

26 Oct 2012 21:31

Looking for cheap canvas to buy?

Hey guys, wanted to know where I can buy some cheap canvas, beside le cygne. Thanks

18 Aug 2012 13:51

Ki association pren vieu et linge neuf pou donne ban mizer dan maurice?

Euh salut a vous, mo p rod un association dans maurice qui p pren ban vieu ou linge neuf pou donne ban dimun mizer (for free) deja qui mo ena ban linge neuf jamais ban servi. et mo ena un wardrobe full of clothes. Thanks

17 Jun 2012 22:03

Bonsai tree in Mauritius?

Hey guys. Does anyone know where I can buy a Bonsai tree in Mauritius? Thank you :)

13 Jun 2012 13:37

What is Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Routing Number?

Hey guys I need some help, need to find out Mauritius commercial bank routing number?

03 Jun 2012 12:27

Jumping Rope To Buy

Hey guys,well im looking for a good jumping rope to buy for my boxing program. Cheers

31 May 2012 18:30

Rollerblades to buy in mauritius?

Hi to all my fellow "cleverdodo" mate I wanted to know where i can buy myself a pair of roller blades in mauritius thanks :)
23 May 2012 21:29

Automotive mechanic in mauritius?

Hi, i've always wanted to know what is the payscale of an automotive mechanic in mauritius? thanks
10 Mar 2012 01:58

Whey Protein Optimum Nutrition?

Hi guys, I wanted to know where i can buy whey protein for cheap price. Thank you
22 Feb 2012 00:05
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