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Kifer Google panser kreol morisien langaz haitien?

Capave a cause population maurice tigit comparer ar haiti? Foder Google gagne 1 grand "data set" pou li capave coumence comprend couma langue moricien la marcher.

13 Jul 2012 11:40

Which member do write blogs here?

I'm too busy to blog but I think it's a good thing as you get more independent opinions from bloggers than in the news.

On a side note, I think every member on this site can blog (write articles) once they reach Level 2.

13 Jul 2012 11:38

Doing Business on Facebook

I've noticed this trend on FB too. It's a good way to get people to know about your business but I think you need to have a professional website as well. This gives more credibility to your business.

As gices has said, you need to declare any additional income you're getting to MRA for tax purposes.

18 Jun 2012 13:59

Dan bann vilaz enkor servi pit pu toilet?

Oui, ena ban place ki encore servi pit. Kan sa blocker ki ena problem!!!

Jamais mone tande sa travay "bhai-doom" la, lol. Pa Waste Water Authority ki responsable pou ban pit?

18 Jun 2012 13:57

Any chance of Circus in Mauritius?

Don't think it's worth for the Circus people to come here as it would cost them more money than what they would make with the shows. We probably need to have our own local Circus!

15 Jun 2012 12:08

From where can I watch Venus tomorrow?

It was only a tiny dot moving on the sun. Not as exciting as watching a solar or lunar eclipse.

08 Jun 2012 13:20

Who will win Miss Mauritius 2012?

I would if I participated, lol :)

To be honest I don't really follow the Mauritius Pageant at all. I didn't even know that was happening now until I read this post.

Those girls seem to be enjoying the attention they are getting and get to wear nice clothes to model in, so that should be a dream coming true for each one of them. Not to mention, going to beautiful places for photo shoots and getting free food & drinks ^.^

08 Jun 2012 13:17

Eski ena 1 livre jokes en creole?

Ena livre ticomik en creole mais "jokes" mo pas conner. Comien jokes creole ena si? Pa boucou mo croire!

08 Jun 2012 13:12

Euro 2012 Kick Off - Poland vs Greece

I don't usually watch football matches except for the final game sometimes. My cousins will know best about the scores as they follow every single match and go mad when their team lose, lol. Anyway, here's what I predict:

Poland : 1
Greece : 1

I'm saying that because since this is the first match, everyone will tend to give their best shot as no one will want to become the first loser :P

08 Jun 2012 13:11

Maitreya followers anyone?

First time I'm hearing about this. So that's something closely related to buddhism right?
26 May 2012 10:39

What would you do if you went to a restaurant and found a hair in the meal you ordered?

I would leave the restaurant and refuse to pay! If they force me to pay, I'll get the Ministry of Health involved so that they check the hygiene of the place and they'd make an even bigger loss then.
26 May 2012 10:38

Eski li vre ki lalkol ena plis lefe lor fam ki lor zom?

Li vrai sa parski leffet lalcol depan lor to genre e to gene. Ban zom ena pli boucou "alcohol dehydrogenase" ki actif, 1 enzyme ki to lecorp produire pou casse lalkol la.

Source :
26 May 2012 10:36

Kifer kan to raye lor 1 vitre ek 1 plume ki pa ecrire li re-ecrire apre?

Mone tander si to soufler lor plume la ou sacouye li fort, li re-ecrire souvent. Si to esaye ecrire lor semel soulier si (ou nimporte ki zafer 'rubber' couma gomme) sa si bane solution. Kapav ecrire lor vitre si fer boule dan plume la bouger pou ki lencre la couler.
26 May 2012 10:23

Giant eel spotted in Grand Bassin lake

These things make my skin crawl!!! Don't they bite people who have their feet in the water when praying? Do you think there are electric eels as well in there?
26 May 2012 10:08

Congratulations to moricien for reaching Level 2

Looks like many people are making it to Level 2 now. Anyway congrats moricien :)
16 May 2012 13:23

Do you use any other search engines besides Google?

I've tried other search engines but Google seems to be more accurate and relevant to me.
15 May 2012 22:02

What songs make you cry or become very emotional?

I will always love you - Whitney Houston

Her vocals are perfect, such a shame she died the way she did.
15 May 2012 21:59

Ki moyen zot servi pou touille moustik?

Bien rare mo servi baygon aster. Mo servi moustiquaire plito. Enfin li pa touille zot mais li protege moi contre moustik quand dormi a soir.
15 May 2012 21:52

How to save our monkeys and stop the animal cruelty business in Mauritius?

That baby monkey picture is soooooo cute!!!

Can't believe Mauritius is the second biggest exporter of monkeys in the world, let alone it being involved in this dirty & immoral business.
14 May 2012 16:12

Will the penalty point system make Mauritians better drivers?

The government wants to introduce a new system for driving offences in Mauritius. You will get points on your licence for each offence you commit (speeding, drink driving etc) and once you go beyond a certain number of points (16 I think), you will be banned for 6 months.

Do you think this will work here?

13 Jul 2012 11:35

Would men embrace the idea of the male contraceptive pill as a method of birth control?

So far, in the majority of cases, it's the woman who does the family planning through the different methods of contraception especially the pill as it's easy and reliable.

However, in the next few years, a birth control pill for men could become available and that means men could share that responsibility as well. With the pill, you need to remember taking it everyday for it to work. Now would a man carry that burden? And would a woman trust the man because if he hasn't taken the pill, it's the woman who would fall pregnant and bear most of the consequences?

You can read about it here

15 Jun 2012 12:27

What books did you use to read as a teenager?

I was passing by a bookshop today and saw an old copy of Secret Seven by Enid Blyton and that took me down memory lane. It seems the new generation are not too much into reading books but spend more time on social networks. Those who do read tend to go for Kindle e-Readers but I find that a hardcopy is more pleasant to read.

So what books did you use to like reading when you were younger?

13 Jun 2012 11:09

What can we do to decrease the crime rate in Mauritius?

It seems that every day, some case of violence makes it to the front page of the news. Crimes are going up in this country and that's becoming alarming.

What do you think we can do to fight this in order to live in a more secure and peaceful society?
26 May 2012 10:49

Is it easy for a Mauritian to go and work in Australia?

I'm thinking about going to Australia for work experience. Does anybody know if that's a difficult process? Most of the jobs that are advertised on Australian sites like require that you have a work permit before you can apply. So without a work-based visa, it's proving difficult.

Does anyone have any tips?
16 May 2012 13:29

What do you think about Coca Cola Blowing Blubbles in the Sky marketing strategy?

With more than 40 million fans on their Facebook page, Coca Cola has recently launched a URL riddle game. You are asked to fill in the blank for a URL and if you get it right, you're taken to a website where you can chill. This one in particular is worth a try:

You can use your mouse and click to release bubbles in the sky but you can also blow into your microphone as well.

Quite ingenious I think, what about you?
14 May 2012 16:20

What is the cheapest way to make international phone calls?

We've got family in the UK, France, Australia, Canada and USA and we try to stay in touch with the relatives at least once in a month. Most of the time they call us because they use prepaid cards which tend to be a lot cheaper than the rates in Mauritius but we'd like to be able to call them without thinking about the figure on the phone bills afterwards.

So what's the best way to make those phone calls to people from abroad?
10 May 2012 13:13

What's the best travel agency in Mauritius?

I'm looking for package holidays where you can get everything inclusive:

1. Flights
2. Accommodation (hotel)
3. Meals (half board/full board or B&B)
4. Excursions
5. Airport transfers

I'm looking to travel the world a bit, so what's the cheapest tour operators but reliable of course. I'm interested in countries like Brazil, Peru, Egypt, Thailand etc.
30 Apr 2012 13:00

Eski ban garson morisien prefer ban tifi clair?

Mo ti p coze ek mo cam lot fois la et li ti p deman moi si mo conne 1 lacreme ki fer vine clair. Mone dir li "fair & lovely" mais apres mone deman li kifer et lerla li dir moi ki si to noir ou brun, dimoune penser to pa zoli.

Alor mo ti pou deman ban garson ki zot penser lor la zot. Dir la verite, sak dimoune ena zot gout, alor si zot contan clair, dir clair ou si zot pena preference, dir.
23 Apr 2012 11:30

What's the best shopping centre in Mauritius?

Instead of going to different places to get everything that I need, I'd like to go to just one place and if required spend the whole day but return with most if not all of the things that I need - that's going to be clothes, shoes, accessories and I'd prefer to have a wide variety to choose from (big brands and less famous ones too). Here's the list of shopping centres that I know:

1. Bagatelle (Reduit)
2. Cascavelle (Flic en Flac)
3. Manhattan (Curepipe)
4. Orchard Centre (Quatre-Bornes)
5. Caudan (Port-Louis)

If there are any other good shopping malls worth a try, then let me know, otherwise which one would you recommend?
20 Apr 2012 10:49

What measures should be taken to ensure Mauritian citizens have adequate water during the drought season?

From what I understand, we obtain water from 6 main reservoirs around the island and towards the end of the year (and beginning), drastic measures need to be taken by the CWA by cutting the water supply at different times of the day to ensure the population does not suffer from lack of water and to prevent waste.

It seems we have also 5 aquifers from which water is pumped out but each and every year, we have the same water problem.

What do you think should be done to tackle this problem?
28 Mar 2012 14:07

Is takeaway food becoming more popular than cooking at home these days?

It seems to me that more people in Mauritius are having takeaways rather than spending time in the kitchen preparing for a nice meal. I can understand that sometimes you feel lazy and decide to eat out or order a takeaway but many people I know seem to order food more than a couple of times a week. What has brought this on?
06 Nov 2011 00:49
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