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Do you know any safe bungalow with 1-2 bedrooms anywhere in Mauritius available from 11 to 15 March 2015?


i know a couple of appartments in blue bay, i can give you their contact number,it would be for how many people?

02 Mar 2015 09:28

Ten years of suffocation under in-law abuse - what to do?

It is a harrowing story, I feel sorry for those people who waste their time to ruin others life.
Well I could tell you to go to Radio Plus or other private radios to talk about your ordeal but even if you get the house they will find a way to make your life miserable, so it would be useless.

What I find unacceptable is that your child is suffering and even the child in your womb. This will affect the child’s life when growing up, more so it is not a suitable environment to raise your child. Start immediately planning how you will get out of here.

Another thing that you should understand is that even if you are attached to that house it is nothing more than concrete walls, you are giving it that importance. There is something far more important than that house, it is your child. Forget about that house, you can rebuilt a house but would you be able to give your child’s childhood back?

Be thankful that your husband is on your side. I know families where the husband disregard what the wife says. So this is a positive thing. You are not alone!

If you are going to stay, you will change in a bad way. You will start fighting back, you will disrespect them and they would harass you. This can go on endlessly. Don’t expect those people to change.

I can tell you that there are worst case than you, do not not lose faith in god and believe in yourself. This situation will pass, it is not permanent .It’s not that they don’t like you (I won’t say that they like you either) but it seems that you are an obstacle between them and the house. The problem is with them and not you. Every time you take a decision think of your child first don’t let your emotions take control of your sanity.

So I will say the same as Gices, leave! Frankly speaking, everyone would suffocate having these type of people around.

You will be ok soon...

06 Feb 2015 09:12

If you were the Prime Minister, what changes would you make to make life easier for the citizens of Mauritius?

Unfortunately i dont know much about politics...but i think that we should elect a board consisting of young people, women and a representative of each religion and also a foreigner...

The actual government is good for those who is benefitting from it,and those who doesnt like the government are those who shout out loud that the country is corrupt.

Infact they dont mind about corruption,what they dont like is the fact that others are priviledge and not them.

To make life easier doesnt depend on the government but solely on the mauritians themselves...they have the choice...i think that we are self centered...with this mentality nothing will change...

30 Aug 2014 20:53

What are your opinions about sexting in Mauritius? Should it be allowed?

i will try to answer your questions

1.younger people are more computer literate.They all have mobile phones which makes this easier..they tend to forget about the consequences

2.Girls maybe do this to get attention,they want to show what they got.They are asked to do that,and they accept because they trust the person they are sending it

3.i think they are influenced by what is on the internet,it gained popularity because the reason i mentioned above...and of course they have tablets now!

4.I dont know about that but i have my views on the youngsters of this modern world

What i found is that ,unfortunately,youngsters were taught things to help them get a job.They are not taught how to behave,how to live.this type of education is incomplete.

They must be taught to respect their bodies and to respect others.To love oneself.

Laws wont remedy the situation, we need better education imo

25 Aug 2014 21:36

Do I need a learner licence to ride an electric scooter?

In order to ride an electric scooter, do I need a learner? thnx

25 Mar 2015 18:11

Bach flower essence

hi.i wanted to know where i could get BACH FLOWER remedy in mauritus

13 Nov 2014 14:29

Any Mauritians suffering from Emetophobia (fear of vomitting)?

I wanted to get in touch with Mauritians who suffer from this phobia.I know how hard it is and i want to connect with them.Well maybe you have it but you are not quite sure. here are some of the symptoms

  1. unable to travel by public bus
  2. unable to eat in restaurant
  3. feeling uneasy in crowds
  4. starve just to prevent yourself from vomiting
  5. Feeling nauseous even when thinking of a particular situation
  6. very low self esteem

Feel free to comment

08 Sep 2014 22:29

Can you name a situation where you did an act of kindness for a stranger.

i believe that there is a good side in everyone of us,even the rudest person...after all we are all humans.

25 Aug 2014 21:48

How can we say if a person is intelligent or dumb?

What is an intelligent person for you?What attributes does he posess?

20 Aug 2014 13:53

Should i get a regular job in a firm and get a fix monthly salary or do the work that i love even though there are many obstacles ahead?

Should i do what society expects me to do(have a high status white collar job) or do the unexpected (do what i feel at ease with even if job is not higlhy rated).

17 Aug 2014 13:15

Why do people like to criticize others, mainly in a negative way?

There are people who instead of shutting their mouth find it more useful to open it wide just to say something bad about you. What motivates them?

15 Aug 2014 22:25

My geeky attempt to write a computer program which represents true love

I think that you dont choose who to love you,when to love or how much to is just someting you can't is beyond logic and has more to do with your feelings...

I thnik that you may still love a person even if they are not there,but this love will fade gradually as it is not fuelled...this kind of love may turn to hatred or may turn into a negative emotion(bad experience) because you feel rejected.

But for sure it will change with time

19 Aug 2014 22:20
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