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Conversion of agricultural land into residential

You need to contact :
Land Conversion Unit
Ministry of Agro-Industry & Food Security
8th Floor, R. Seeneevassen Building
Port Louis
Tel No.: 212-0854, 212-2940 (Ext 2015)

Guidelines are on this link

11 Oct 2016 10:00

Help!! Mauritius marriage certificate!

Application for Certificates from non-residents : Subject to providing proof of identity, persons residing abroad may apply for civil status certificates. To enable searches to be carried out, an indicative date and place of the marriage should be given on application.
Civil Status Office
7th Floor,
Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
Port Louis
Phone: (230) 201 1727
Fax: (230) 211 2420
Email: civstat@govmu.org

17 Sep 2015 15:37

Mauritius post code

Go to this website : www.mauritiuspost.mu

15 Jul 2015 10:17

Can a British Citizen apply for a Mauritian passport?

You are probably eligible under citizenship by descent. You should read the information on their website.

15 Jun 2015 19:36

How to write our address with the new postal code system in Mauritius?

Format example :

Mr. Mrs Smith
4 Floreal Lane
Caroline 40102

Check information on http://www.mauritiuspost.mu/products-and-services/post-code-finder

14 Mar 2015 13:28

Do I have to pay tax to MRA for money received abroad?

Depends if a double-taxation agreement exists with the country of origin. First check this MRA web page for information.

25 Dec 2014 10:22

How to obtain the Declaration of Conformity from ICTA?

There is a good explanation for the procedure on this blog:

27 Sep 2014 13:36

Should I get the Samsung Galaxy S5 or wait for the iPhone 6?

Why not also consider the HTC One M8 ? It depends on budget too.

10 May 2014 14:07

When should an individual submit a tax return?

Anyone having earnings in Mauritius is liable to file a tax return even if the return comes to zero contributions. The PAYE is dealt with on the tax form.

03 Apr 2014 15:54

Passport application foreigner married to a mauritian

You should contact your consulate in Amsterdam they should be able to help you with forms and details.

Mauritian Consulate in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Teleportboulevard 140
1043 EJ Amsterdam
Telephone (+31) 20 540 5820
Mr Godfried A.L.R. Diepenhorst, Consul
E-mail: t.diepenhorst@freeler.nl

06 Jan 2014 12:54

Where can I get ink cartridge 802 for HP 1050?

Try/enquire with : http://www.cartridgeworldmu.com/
They are located in PL and QB.

30 Nov 2013 11:40

Am I entitled to a Mauritian passport?

Have a look at these links on the web site. Am sure you will find many answers here.




25 Nov 2013 15:30

Where can I get a free software that convert FLV to AVI or DIVx?

Also check this link:

25 Nov 2013 13:01

75% of the population in Mauritius are in debt, who is to blame?

It is one of the alarming effects of the "consumer society". People are drawn into a spiral of a life style that they cannot really afford. For example, the government has pushed the notion that every family should have a university graduate. The government does give some assistance to maintain the university student in some cases. However, when there are several young people in one family parents cannot deny to offer the others the same education possibility. When you have two children going to university and your are a low-income earner then the chances are you are in debt because of loans. There needs to be the right balance in budget management. Sometimes it means accepting that you cannot do the same as others but the societal pressures are real.

24 Oct 2013 14:07

Do we really need a new Identity Card with biometric technology and our fingerprints on?

I believe you can guess the real reasons for the authorities going for the new biometric technology. The main facility will be for the authorities who will use this as an exercise to collect data on it's citizens. The data will be kept on a central server which will serve for social security, police, MRA, etc. Think about it you will give at least two finger prints and a photo and you will need to furnish proof of address. This is a major security/identity data collection. For example, once the data is collected it can be used to track down social security fraudsters.

13 Aug 2013 23:25

Clever Dodo Redesign

I like the new design, a good improvement.

02 Aug 2013 09:23

Is a Galaxy S2 or S3 worth buying?

I have the Galaxy S2 it is fantastic piece of equipment, lots of useful Android apps too. Two problems that I have with it: (1) the battery drains too fast and I need to recharge daily, (2) the Android version is 2.3.4 and Samsung still have not released the upgrade to Android 4 version via Kies.
If I had known about Galaxy S3 coming I would have waited. Go for the S3 if your budget allows.

07 Oct 2012 12:28

Mauritians studying at London Metropolitan University face deportation, is it fair?

Seems the Met Uni is at fault for not following directives. The "legal" students are not at risk, student visas will be respected but they may have to move to other universities.

05 Sep 2012 14:38

Should we boycott UK and act weirdly with the British in Mauritius to show our feelings towards the British government concerning Diego?

Let's stop being naive about Diego. It takes two to tango and deals were made by both sides. Today people like to amend history to be more politically correct or to the flavour of the times. Diego is being used by a super-power which is not likely to free a strategic base in volatile times. The EU ended the "preferential" sugar quota treatment, it is all about economics and supply and demand. Mauritius was getting a preferential treatment and today it has to economically stand up on its own two feet. Do you realise just how much EU has been giving Mauritius in grants, yes grants not loans, and all this in a so-called Euro crisis period. Come and have a look in Mauritius and see who paid for the development. Stop moaning, get your diplomas and come back to participate in the future of your country.

05 Sep 2012 14:33

USS Mc Faul ('Deadly Military Ship?'), why did it really come to Mauritius?

I think we will be seeing more and more of them. Mauritius has agreed to hold piracy trials and build a special prison to hold arrested pirates. The American fleet is participating in anti-piracy of the region as are the French and some other countries. I am not sure what Lalit activists are ranting and raving about? I bet little Mauritius would be happy to be defended by the USN, French Navy or HMS in case of attacks. How about the Indian Navy which are continuously doing free oceanography work for Mauritius? The Indian Ocean area has always been of strategic interest and keeping the maritime routes free of pirates is in Mauritius interest.

30 May 2012 13:07

Paper shredding machine

Does anyone know of shop that sells paper shredding machines in Mauritius?

07 Aug 2013 13:36

Why is the Mauritian emergency ambulance service non-effective?

Again another case of a person dying because the ambulance service is not available. Heard on Radio1 12/09/2012, around 2am a person phones the SAMU to be told ambulance is not available. The service sends an ordinary van at around 4am too late the patient dies.

12 Sep 2012 11:29

How do you do multiple install of a game on a Win7 PC?

What is procedure to install a game twice on the same PC? I need to use the same game for two different add-ons which means two installations. However, the PC only recognises one install.
09 May 2012 23:16

Where can I buy the software Antidote HD by Druide (software for writing in French) ?

Antidote HD a grammar and spelling tool for writing in French. Available in France, UK, Canada. Is there a reseller in Mauritius?
11 Nov 2011 08:59

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

The permit is probably the ICTA type approval, for this you need to know the make/model of the laptop, see the explanation on http://www.yashvinblogs.com/icta-import-permit/

If the parcel is being sent by a known courier service like DHL, UPS, TNT then they have their own custom broker service and they will clear your parcel. As you mention a tax on electronic equipment is charged by customs. Note, they will still need the ICTA permit from you to clear the parcel.

If not the case, then you will have to find/pay a customs broker, see list on http://www.customshousebrokers.com/en/members.html

03 Oct 2016 11:54

To lead without a title? No, to do good deeds without expectation is better

I concur regarding nationality. Many foreigners have acquired Mauritian nationality but will never truly be a Mauritian. If you are not born and brought up in a place any document will not change that fact. You can only hope and work towards integration. I have to chuckle at some of RS's inspirational advice to the young. They sound like some of the things I heard in management courses. RS thinks you should be up early, well ok but what I have to say to that young RS is that I used to be at work at 6am. People nowadays have problems getting to work at 9am. So leadership is just a matter of self-discipline which many have problems with in this consumer society. The message is: get out there and work.

04 Aug 2013 13:57

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

1kg is around Rs.576 but you need to add duty (if any) + taxes + fuel surcharge approx. Rs.69. They do the calculation of all required MUR taxes/duty depending on the articles. These you prepay with the shipping cost. Nothing to pay when delivered to your door. They have a calculator available on their website and all you need is the value of the item(s).

13 Apr 2013 23:31

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

As a follow-up to the delivery problems experienced in Mauritius, I am now using the service Borderlinx.com. Their service works very well. I can order in Europe and USA and have the goods forwarded to Mauritius via DHL who handle clearance and delivery to your door. All taxes are included in the shipping costs so nothing to pay at delivery. I realize this might be an expensive solution for most people. However, this service has solved my problems of loss and delivery of goods.

13 Apr 2013 11:28

Salon International du Livre

It was much quieter during the week. Mostly children's books and I only found one book which I was searching for "Mauritians in the Second World War". The other book "Birds of the Mascarene" was not available but I found it at BookCourt Bagatelle.

17 Mar 2013 10:29

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

Thanks this is useful information. Unfortunately, my experience of parcels being sent to Mauritius is not good. We often use to send clothes parcels to family here from Europe and most of them never arrived. I have ordered books and recently special cable both of which never arrived. Subsequently, firms like Amazon.fr will no longer ship certain materials to Mauritius. I strongly suspect the probably of organised theft going on at that parcel office. This has been going on for many years now and nothing is ever done about it simply because internally they do nothing. I prefer to pay extra and use recognised courier services with tracking and delivery.

11 Mar 2013 13:06

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

After living here 5 years, I have to concur with the realities of life that you have written here. As someone who has lived and worked in several countries, I tend to compare to previous standards. One big problem here is work ethics. You have mentioned it regarding the health service. I am horrified at the way human beings are received in the major hospitals. The organisation seems to deal with people as if on a factory production chain. In administration offices people are sometimes insulted when they come with their problems. In restaurants the slow and indifferent service is blatant.

As for politeness this is only present in areas where personnel have been especially trained to deal with clients as in the tourism sector. Jumping the queue in shops happens frequently. I have been victim of this when patiently queuing to use an ATM only to have a person ignoring me and passing in front. Same at the bakery, am next but someone will come in the shop start ordering and be served straight away.

I also sense a raise in social tensions. Neighbours can sometimes be jealous and anti towards foreign neighbours just because they are visibly well-off. Nasty gestures happen like neighbour's dogs allowed to do their business on your front entrance. Civility being lost.

Indeed, paradise is misused terminology, reality is disappointing.

26 Oct 2012 14:46
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