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What's the remedy for smelly feet?

Don't use nylon socks and never wear your shoes if its humid. Expose your shoes to the sun whenever you can...

05 May 2013 19:38

Kotsa offer printing service a 0.50rs par paz ? black and white.

Mo ti abitier print mo bann asaimainte pou 20 sous dan Flacq - Lakhee..aster la li bizin 50 sous pou nwar ek blan mai pa plis ki 1 roupi parski zot donn discount pou edudian

05 May 2013 19:37

Looking for IT companies in mauritius that provide opportunities to work abroad

I know Ceridian does this! If youre very good in that field, then you can have opportunity to work in Canada with them! and this is done instantly.

27 Mar 2013 13:22

Are those agencies which say they can help mauritians to immigrate genuine?

Which country are you referring to?

27 Feb 2013 22:51

Where to get original unmodified Playstation 3?

In SONY shops you'll get it around the Island. The other day I saw one for Rs 11,000.

However, in France it is much cheaper and their original games as well. I was there three weeks ago, and my friend bought one for him at around 200 Euros. He didn't have to pay the customs in Mauritius. So if you know someone from abroad coming to Mauritius, that's the best way to get it.

14 Feb 2013 17:59

What makes people continue eating meat even if they know it's evil?

Dude, you always have a problem with meat?? Why?? Fruits and vegetables have life equally, then killing them is "lack of empathy and also killing them "for your taste" is EVIL!!! Stop eating man!! bahh...

05 Feb 2013 19:18

How much does it cost for a house in Mauritius

One house with two bedrooms, one kitchen, bathroom, toilet in the north you can get it around Rs 900,000.

01 Feb 2013 01:50

Have shopkeepers ceased selling cigarettes in detail?

No, they never stopped, why should they anyway??

28 Jan 2013 03:06

Launch of the Clever Dodo Boutique - Your Online Shopping Website

The website is too good! Adding a Pets Section, Toys section, Office Supplies section will be even better :)

Keep up with the good work.

14 Jan 2013 10:31

How should rapists be dealt with?

Seriously they don't have a place in society. they're mentally affected people. the most severe punishment should go to them, according to the law of the country in which the rapist is residing..

03 Jan 2013 19:26

What is the price of a 4x4 around the year 2000?

There was an Isuzu selling at Rs 275,000.

27 Dec 2012 06:34

How can the contact number for the popular Jeetoo Hospital be out of service?


Hotline : 2104600
Fax : 2128958
Personnel : 2116131

I took that from MT YELLOW PAGES 2012.

This phone number works : 203 1001

17 Dec 2012 14:42

Where can I buy computer programming books in Mauritius?

Yep try Le Printemps Port Louis - Rue Deforges.. The other day I was there, I saw a bunch of programming books.

If ever, when you go there its over, they'll order it from Vacoas for you.

10 Dec 2012 19:01

Automatic or Manual transmission car?

Hmm what kinds of mistakes you commit while driving? If you opt for an automatic transmission, you'll get a licence valid only for automatic transmission, but if you passed your test you will get your licence valid for both automatic and transmission.

I'd really advice you to learn more, because if you are still committing mistakes while driving, means you're omitting lots of important points while driving. You really need to learn more.

18 Nov 2012 08:36


Wi, ler la in deja fini paC..

14 Nov 2012 09:38

Which is better:having a university degree or doing ACCA?

Well, this really depends on the person as with both you're guaranteed to get a well-paid job.

If you have your Degree in hand, and at the same time you're a Chartered Accountant, you're already well-off.

However, you can start with ACCA, and it'll bring you a bright career. If on the other side you opt for undergoing a University Degree and not doing ACCA, then its really not worth. But ACCA+Degree in Accouting. That's the best choice someone can have.

10 Nov 2012 18:34

What business can be started with Rs10000?

Every business is a business. With Rs10k lots of things can be done.

Try to get some contact with people who go to China occasionally. If you managed to be in good terms with them. Then try to ask them to buy one of the following for you:

Plastic accessories for everyday use.
Children school accessories
Baby clothes

If I were you, I'd start with plastic accessories. This business is really going on very good these days. With the profits I'd have got, I'd have invested it in other things that I mentioned above.

A business is a business, however you should think deeply how to get it work! Once you know the trick, you're now a well-off man!!

Good Luck :)

09 Nov 2012 17:26

Where can I get a mask of Barack Obama?

Have you tried ebay? I've checked it, there are plenty of models available. You can check it on ebay itself.

06 Nov 2012 06:33

Kifer asoir mo ress gagne faim?

depan ki tne manzer.. manz bucu pa necessairement fer vent rempli sa... esay manz pomme de terre toufE avec lentil, du riz, getE si t rest ggn faim mem.. li depan ossi kiler t prnd t dinner, e kiler to ale dormi..

02 Nov 2012 22:21

What social works can be done during holidays?

Set out every morning, and go to the localities where there are poor people living, you'll have plenty of jobs to do for them..

01 Nov 2012 08:06

Importing Goods in Mauritius

If lets say, I'm importing 2000 pcs of laptop cooler fans from China or India or any other countries, how are the formalities completed?

I know I'll have to pay tax.

Im totally nil on that, and I really need some good info. I tried to have this information from many people, but they're not ready to answer my questions.

My question is simple : If my goods are coming via sea freight or air freight, will I need to produce a Business Card to get these cooler fans? What will I need to produce? What will I need to pay besides the 15% tax?

I don't have a Business Card yet, and I don't have a company.

17 Dec 2012 19:10

Compiling a book with corel draw x4

I've been recently asked by someone to compile a book for him on Corel Draw.. I've never use it before. Is it possible? If yes, then how? Any link for a tutorial?

thank you :)

19 Sep 2012 09:55

"abce" en anglais

mo ti envi coner couma dire "abce" en anglais ou en francais..

01 Jul 2012 10:25

Living in the UK

Do I need a visa if I want to go to UK?(from Mauritius)
If not, then for how long can I live there?
What are the conditions to get a work permit there?
Do I need a guarantor to rent a house? Who should the guarantor be?
27 May 2012 17:39

Maitreya followers anyone?

I would like to know if there are any believers or followers of Maitreya here? He is also known as the World Teacher.
24 May 2012 08:05

Crazy sales on HP Cartridge at leal

heyy guys I just want to share this with you all. I bought my HP cartridge HP 27 at only Rs115(inc VAT). There are some crazy sales going on at Leal Informatics more precisely at the e-shop. Normally this cartridge is sold at around Rs800. I tested the Cartridge and even authenticate it with my old one, its genuine ;)

This promo is at Trianon only. So hurry up people :D
04 May 2012 13:50

How much tax am I supposed to pay when I shop online?

Suppose I buy something worth around Rs5000. How much tax am I supposed to pay?

Is there any alternative so as not to pay this tax?
12 Apr 2012 15:47

What is the best place for Undersea walk in Mauritius?

I heard of Belle Mare, but somebody told me, its not quite exciting! Well, I want something really fascinating, exciting and a good experience from it. What you guys recommend me?
09 Apr 2012 18:35

Setting fire to vacant land

Really shocking how these illiterates behave. They think they're doing it for the welfare, but in fact its the contrary.

Filing a case, if you have a proof can lead the person to be imprisoned for some days, otherwise the Local Police will just warn the person, and nothing more... That's Mauritius, we don't have a good law system.

And normally 999 is for the police department and 995 for the fire brigade.

04 Jan 2013 13:04

How to develop a simple calculator using C Sharp (C#) Visual Studio 2005

Okay thank you.. Maybe it got lost, because it compiled successfully at my place and everything works. :)

10 Dec 2012 19:05

How to develop a simple calculator using C Sharp (C#) Visual Studio 2005

No, not android for the time being, later don't know. Btw why you "ditched away Visual Studio" ??

Use the 2012 ultimate edition, lots of interesting features in that..

08 Dec 2012 23:06

Receiving Google Adsense payment in Mauritius

I created a blogspot site with adsense approved, content 92+ posts and +450 words per content, and I still didn't get one dollar! Its damn hard to earn with blogspot :(

30 Oct 2012 23:52

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

Bank transfers? Financial adviser will never advise you to effect your payments by bank transfers!! :) this is Mauritius dear friends, so act carefully :)

06 Jun 2012 18:12

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

That's what I'm trying to tell you, selling your plot of land via an agent is always better than selling it yourself.

And also the cheque part, I'd recommend everyone to deal with liquid money only, as this is the best way! The payment can always be made at a safer place :)

05 Jun 2012 21:04

Steps and precautions when buying a plot of land

Good effort. You've mention that one needs to deal directly with the owner, so why can't an agent sell the house of the owner? Please note: It is even much easier to sell a house by an agent rather than you, yourself as he's very well versed in this sector.

05 Jun 2012 19:55

How to get an ‘A’ in General Paper (G.P)

Article is good khush, keep it up :))

Also I remember my GP teacher constantly telling us, to always think critically in the exams, this will always top you among other students who do not answer questions on a critical basis.

and the brainstorming feat for the essay or Data Response should be roughly about 5mins max.

28 May 2012 07:03

Ovulation - How to increase your chances of getting pregnant

Very nice! I'm learning :p I just wanted to know, is there a day(s) to have sexual intercourse with a girl without making her pregnant? I learnt that in school, but i forgot. If you can help me with that question will be great :D
04 Apr 2012 17:30

How To Create Google Account Without SMS Verification?

Well that can be really annoying every-time Google asking for your mobile phone number to verify your account. Some will not like it because of privacy questions and others who don't have a cell-phone (under-developed countries). Google came with this idea to fight spam. If you're in business, only one e-mail account will not suffice and Google will not let you have more than 3 accounts if you gave them your phone number. Now there is a trick of how to register however many accounts you want wit...
07 Dec 2012 03:00

How to develop a simple calculator using C Sharp (C#) Visual Studio 2005

This is my second calculator I developed using C sharp Visual Studio 2005 as the first one was a basic one. Well it is easy to code programs(basics) using Visual Studio as I always thought it would be quite tough. Well a bit introduction on Visual Studio 2005. Visual Studio is a suite of products developed by Microsoft that allow one to build .NET applications, which execute within the .NET Framework. Visual Studio 2005 supports four .NET languages: Visual Basic .NET [Designed for rapid applic...
05 Dec 2012 03:00