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Nabybaccus Muzzammil, 18 years old and on the way to 19, love surfing blogging, participate in blogs and opinions.Love democracy and deals with life about maturity and responsibility . Only child of my mum and dad , Go to Rabindranath Tagore secondary school completing my A-level and you might find more about me on my blog .

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Why are there no elephants at Casela?

they planned to bring elephant last year, but nothing has been done yet

28 Apr 2017 10:30

Illegal construction on my land, what should I do?

They cannot build a building without district council approval
district council can sue them

26 Jul 2016 02:19

Anyone playing Pokemon GO in Mauritius, the augmented reality game?

Seem Pokemon Go is more fun than expected
I just started 2 days before
still wondering how to play :P
not kind of a huge fan of holding mah phone so much and walking
if the amount of users in mru increase, i might consider it

26 Jul 2016 02:17

How to download pokemon go for iphone 6s?

Download the .ipa file from the phone browser and install

26 Jul 2016 02:15

Renew My son Passport

You need a passport renew form for renewal

I guess you can apply for passport of your son, Maybe somewhere the signature of her mum would be needed to carry forward the task

12 Jan 2015 04:39

Training to become a Hinduism teacher

I guess it can be done at The Mauritius institute of education

or refer to any hinduism teacher who are working for the moment for tips about how they went further their career

12 Jan 2015 04:37

choosing subject for hsc exam private...

Hinduism , Art and Design as A levels?

There is no design as A level unfortunately

You will have general paper but not french

The second subsidiary is not available for november cambridge session

choose something else which you will be able to do as private candidate, or else you will be stuck with 2 A levels and 1 As

12 Jan 2015 04:36

searching for tuition teacher

French - Mr toolseeram - Lives at triolet- awesome teacher who got ranked students during the past years
-There is also someone known as Madame david, I don't know much about her

General paper - Pamplemousses- Mr Ahmad Mohungee
Notre dame - Mr luckhoo
Portlouis - Mr Narainsamy

12 Jan 2015 04:33

emplacement commerciale a louer a rosehill

Veuillez consulter la page Acheter / vender sur facebook, ils ont généralement plus de détails sur d'énormes bâtiments loués dans différentes parties de l'île

Acheter vender ou echanger

12 Jan 2015 04:29

Hsc private mauritius

Yup, you can pay for the subject you wish to take at the Mauritius Examination syndicate. I can't say if E-management is available

Note that there is no subsidiary subject for A-level private

you will only have general paper as private candidate [ if you do november exam]

June sessions doesn't have general paper nor subsidiary

check out for more details

they will release press releases when exam dates are near etc

12 Jan 2015 04:26

Trying to sit HSC exams privately as certificates from Ireland not recognised in Mauritius

Hello and welcome to cleverdodo

HSC AND SC exams are available as private candidates which you must apply for at the Mauritius Examination syndicate,

it is almost the same, i did private last year too,

The disadvantage is you won't have the second subsidiary subject

That is

A normal school student result consists of 5 subject

3 mains and 2 subs

example : maths chemistry physics

Subsidiary : General paper and french for example

So basically subsidiary subjects doesn't matter in university

but since while as a private candidate, you benefit from general paper, it is a clear proof that you know how to speak english

YOu may apply for the november 2015 Cambridge exams for hsc if you wish to, but you need to be ready for it, i did a class twice and it didn't matter for me.

If you are trying to go for hsc as private candidate, you will need to take tuitions in order to be ready. it will depend upon you if you wish to continue being at school or not. But personally, if you think you can go through school and being a step by step learner, maybe your future might be more bright

School times are the best of moments and you benefit a lot to be someone in life, but trust me if you feel it's better you do your hsc, then surely you will be ahead in the job market, but it's only if you are prepared.

You can stay in school till the age of 21 btw

27 Oct 2014 17:13

What are the costs of attending University in Mauritius over a 4 year period?

there are parts of uom website not loading right now
but it do consist of price of courses

for CTI (charles telfair institute), it used to include fees on its website. Browsing through the website now doesn't show any sign about fees

UOM website does include fees information

International students

check out UOM website for more info

About CTI

23 Sep 2014 10:30

New features coming to Clever Dodo

A live news widget something would had been nice giving users the latest news of the island

17 Sep 2014 09:30

Comment quoi savoir faire apres avoir fait une application pour le learner par internet?

Tu recevras un email de je pense qui te donnera un code que tu dois apporter à la caserne, tu serais dirigé vers le comptoir de rendez-vous qui te donnera la date à laquelle tu dois venir

l'e-mail t'indiquera quels documents tu dois apporter

17 Sep 2014 09:04

Duty Free Cars In mauritius

Nevermind thank you all,
i found out that the difference is automatically calculated

the surplus charges between 1400 and 1500CC are calculated in term of price

so basically, you can get a higher CC vehicle and the price is already calculated automatically for the difference in duties

07 Aug 2014 12:20

Where can I buy a turntable in Mauritius, please?

Turntable is something relating to music right?
Well fact is surely online you would get better deals

But in mauritius,

- Found in front of jardin de la compagnie

There's a music equipment shop at

Well, i don't know the exact address and shop name

But it is on Dr sun yat sen street , before you arrive to Remi Ollier

on the right side if you are moving from la gare du nord

23 Jul 2014 09:36

Sending a gift to Mauritius bought on a UK website

The person will need to pay VAT unless the person has lowered the value i guess

At the price you are paying, i guess personally i would hopt for methods like DHL and Fedex which are more secure, There is another one, Aramex, i guess it is a bit less cheaper maybe.

As Gices said, exemption is applied only on first Rs 2000 and 15% of vat is applied to the amount of money left from original price.

The "mark as gift" thing does not really work here. even if it is a gift, they halt it for inspection etc.

If you are shipping it personally, you may have ways to make changes to declared price, but if you are sending it directly from a website, all depends on the website owwer or the seller.

20 Jul 2014 05:01

Buying a pool Cue

i would suggest you try the group " acheter vender ou echanger " on facebook

i found some results on google for you though

Lall is located in Queen Victoria Street, Centre de Flacq, Mauritius. Company is working in Sports, Billiard tables business activities.

Queen Victoria Street
Centre De Flacq
t: (230) 413 4145

Appimex Enterprise Ltd
37, Cossigny avenue, Quatre Bornes, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius
(230) 424 3283

you may call
P.O Box 1201
Tel.: (+230) 240 7090 / 241 1619 / Fax: (+230) 241 1598

To ask information about cues, maybe they might give you an idea.

Try going to pool clubs, trust me players know where to get these stuffs

VIP pool club
St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes.
(Found above Shabaan Snack)
5702 5572

20 Jul 2014 04:52

social work job.. or other jobs for these qualifications

In mauritius social work is not usually accompanied by payment lol

Well.. You may try finding a work in homes, housing welfare etc,

Personally it is really difficult to find such jobs in mauritius

Interpretation on the other side can get you luck though,

There might be companies willing to recruit you because this might be a need for them, but it depends on demands.

Trust me social work will not bring you a good future ahead when it concerns mauritius

If you are doing it for the love of the job, you got paws needing volunteers for social work etc..


20 Jul 2014 04:29

Buying Food Products on Ebay

they would call you for inspection

you wd get the same paper
you wd need to come at specific hours

19 Jul 2014 15:20

Oral Irrigators for teeth in mauritius

Can anyone tell me where can i buy oral irrigator for "in between teeth cleaning"?
I've been using dental floss for a long time and i guess it doesn't work as i expect

Saw about oral irrigator over the internet but im not sure if it's available here

How do you usually clean in between teeth?

27 Oct 2014 10:05

Duty Free Cars In mauritius

I would like someone to clarify for me about Purchasing of cars which concern Duty free. Duty free as heard is given at Percentage like 60-70-80-100 % etc etc.

But according to what im understanding is that if someone is in the 70 % category then Cars ought to be below 1400 CC? I wonder if someone can clarify this for me? What if i want to purchase a car Greater than 1400 CC? The Duty Free is not applied then? or i would need to pay A Surplus?

Nowadays getting a good car starts about 1500 CC approximately, a bit weird for Duty Free Cars to stuck about 1400CC

05 Aug 2014 20:16

where can i get specific power supply for pc

I just bought a new motherboard and searching for a power supply of the brand EVGA Supernova

ANyone can help me about where can i get it?

08 Jan 2014 20:11

Can i sell items on ebay from Mauritius?

Basically, i know the fact that i can't receive money on ebay since i am from mauritius, but going through cleverdodo, i found out that you accept paypal as a mean of payment.So basically, Paypal does not only works for ebay or it works only for independant websites? Thinking of selling my olympus xz-1 since it's the high time to switch to a DSLR :P

11 Nov 2013 06:57

Will CIE exams be sufficient for the youngsters of today?

What is your opinion about the examinations kids of A and O level are doing that is Cambridge international examinations, this exam has been for decades and in a world of globalization and in a world where competition is something which we cannot escape, how far do you think CIE exams can help us for the future?

Do you think CIE exams are going to help for international universities? Many teachers across the island believes that CIE exams is one of the examination which will not bring you much luck unless you have perfect results such as (3 A* and 2 A's), how far will such an examination cater for our future?, don't you think the examination boards needs to implement new examination which will allow students to get good universities with the minimum criteria? don't you think that we ought to move for international baccalaureate examinations (IB)?

CIE is an internationally recognized examination board but how far will it cater for our future because the weightage and the level of the paper is way too down, nowadays you can hear about 60 - 70 students getting a 6 at O-level, but how many student do you hear getting perfect results at private schools for international baccalaureate? how far can the certificate of cie takes us in the world of work?

13 Oct 2013 19:15

Do I need to sit another oral test for motorcyle if I already passed the audio visual test for autocycle and motor car?

I already got learner for motor car and autocycle, should I re do the oral test to get for motocycle or it's different? thanks

18 Mar 2013 12:15

The best Pre-Primary schools and Nursery of the island

awesome article
if someday i have a great job, i will send my kids to IPS :P

27 Oct 2014 17:24

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

Did anyone ever applied for the ICTA permit?

12 Nov 2013 09:09

Collecting your items from the main Parcel Office when you buy from abroad

I dunno about the icta permit but I've never needed one, I bought phones including cameras webcam headsets I never needed a permit, at the customs you may even say a fake price and they can believe you as don't always need a receipt

28 Jun 2013 23:38
Nothing to show at the moment