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Cot sa mo capav tire carte identité apart port-louis?

Kapav al tir rose-hill.

03 Jun 2016 14:49

Esclave Dans moris

Bonsoir zot tou, eski kikene kapav aide moi pou gagne bne detail lor lepok esclav dan moris.

ki zot ti p manger?
ki travay zot ti p fer?
kuma nou lamizik sega in cre?
kifer zot ti p met linz blan/maron?
kuma nou langaz creol in creer?

URGENT S.V.P, c ki koner , partaz zot connaissance.

29 Jun 2017 18:20

Letter from UOM

Hello, i was on my facebook account and from a group called "newcomertoUOM", i have learn that some people has already receive their letter to join the university, so my question is till when can someone receive their letter?

03 Jun 2017 20:42

Money transfer from one bank to another

Hi,i needs some help. Can i make a money transfer from my MCB account to SBM account. If it yes, how?

25 Oct 2016 14:48

Secretary course in mauritius

Hello,can anyone help me where i can find a secretary course in mauritius? Urgent

19 Jul 2016 11:35

Al caserne curepipe

Bonsoir,mo éna pou al caserne curepipe al met test,b si mo bizin marser depi lagare curepipe ziska kot caserne li bien loin.B es ki lagare curepipe éna bus ki passe kot caserne?

01 Jun 2016 19:43

Not being accepted to university

Hi everyone,last week UOM has send an email to students who have been accepted to the university,unfortunately i'm not one of those students and NOW i don't know what to do next because i have only apply to study at UOM.I wonder if i should take the next step to become primary teacher or wait until next year to apply again in any universities? Any advice is most welcome

24 May 2016 10:40

Applying at university in mauritius

Hi,i need help from anyone who has already apply to university last year. On the site of UOM,the details about the application said that we must print the CASH DEPOSIT VOUCHER,what does that mean? And how to proceed about the application fee that must be paid? Any help is most welcome to clear my doubt about this,please?

26 Feb 2016 15:44

Bsc in mathematics or not at university

Hi everyone,i have just got my hsc results and my grade are as follows: C in maths,C in chemistry amd E in biology. My question is,doing a Bsc in maths the right choice although i get the grade c? And if i do not choose maths,i will choose psychology but i fear that in the future studying psychology will make me less needed in the job market? So help please,any advice are most welcome

09 Feb 2016 19:27

Choix de sujet a l'universite

Bonjour,je viens juste d'avoir mes resultats de la HSC,j'ai eu C en maths, C en chimie et E en biologie.J'aimerais savoir si c'est un bon choix de faire un Bsc en maths malgres mon grade C? Si je prends pas le maths je vais changer totalement de filliere en optant pour la psychologie mais est ce que cela me garentira un travail dans l'avenir?
AIDEZ MOI SVP si quelqu'un peut,j'aimerais avoir des avis car je doit choisir ce samdi 13 fevrier

09 Feb 2016 15:07
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