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Eski ban garson morisien prefer ban tifi clair?

d'abord let's be honest: banne dimoune ki dir beaute exterieur pa compte, sel lecoeur ki important pe coz impe menti.

la plipar zom juge ene fam par so l'aparence physique... dabord. caractere pou vini ensuite.

si to marche to trouve 2 fams lor simin, ene bien zoli, ene bien vilain, tou dimoune pou guette zoli femme la, meme banne lezot femme pou guette zoli la.

aster la, si pe coz long terme, pou marier, etc, bien sur c'est caractere ki compter plis ki tout. enfin, du moins pou moi.

aster la si to ene trop zoli fam, li pa trop bon aussi a coz to pou attire zis banne garcons superficiels ki interesse dans to look et non pou sa ki to ete.

mais bon, mo croire question la pa ti pe deman tou sa la mais simplement ene question taste, couma dimoune prefere cheveux long, court, chocolat, vanille, etc.

moi mo prefere banne blondes a coz zot pli dfficile pou trouver. mais donne moi n'importe ki fam ki joli et mo pa pou dir non! ena fam clair ki vilain et vice versa.

27 Nov 2013 17:49

Would you bribe to get what you want?

To avoid a speeding ticket. Unlike paying for a driving licence, this one wouldn't have dangerous consequences. I'd still be forking out money for driving too fast...

27 Nov 2013 12:20

Pourquoi certaines personnes ont peur du mariage?

Parce qu'un partenaire peut mettre la main sur la fortune de l'autre...

16 Sep 2013 16:24

Do we really need a new Identity Card with biometric technology and our fingerprints on?

Here in the UK, this project was abandoned by the gov because it proved too controversial.
There is nothing inherently wrong if used properly. But problems arise when misused.
To have so much personal data centralised is dangerous and will attract a lot of undesirable attention. No security is perfect.

Rogue people within the gov may also misuse your data or sell them.

You've seen already how the NSA and other gov agencies act as a law unto themselves and spy on people through their personal details on Facebook et al. A database with a whole nation's biometric details will prove irresistible for them.

The people of the UK saw this risks and got it abolished.
Now it's your turn. Make your government work for you.

16 Sep 2013 16:22

What do you think of the current education system in Mauritius?

Not talking about this 9-year schooling.

It would be best to compare it with other schooling systems abroad but most of us, including myself, have only been through the Mauritian system.

To answer my own question: although much maligned, I think it's a very good system. It's brutal and competitive but competition is good. The downsides I see are that you are taught only academic subjects and those who fail the system don't have many other choices to fall back upon.

02 Dec 2013 12:53

To any laureates/scholarship winner out there - funding question for you

If you've won a substantial scholarship to pay your tuition fees to study at a university abroad, how did the funding body/gov transfer the funds? Did you get a cheque that you could show to the immigration officer as proof of funding? Or did you get a letter and then funds transferred electronically?

Somehow I doubt the government would just give you a cheque of a Rs 1m or so and let you walk away with it, even if it's drawn to the name of the university.

29 Nov 2013 18:55

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Then you're stuck big time.
But if people want a really responsive emergency service, more money would need to be spent on it. This could mean taxes increasing. Wait till you hear people complaining about it then.

Mauritius is actually one of the few countries where taxes are very low. You get what you pay for in the end.

Maybe you get a 5 star emergency service in Europe but you also pay 50% tax on your earnings. I don't think anyone would refuse contributing taxes to emergency services but of course a lot of tax money is misspent.

You can't have your cake and eat it.

28 Jul 2016 19:36

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

This is an old thread. I haven't visited this site for a long time, so I'll take this opportunity to comment here.

I grew up in Mauritius but live abroad now. I occasionally come to Mtius on holidays, so my perspective now is no longer as someone who lives here.

This thread is full of complaints. I don't have any. Perhaps because I don't live here. Or perhaps because I've lived a long time abroad and seen that the grass is not really greener on the other side.

Every country, every place has its advantages and disadvantages, so does Mauritius, so do more developed countries. If you keep that in mind, you'll realise Mauritius is not such a bad place after all.

Then again, I've chosen not to live here, so perhaps it's easier to say that than live through this day in and day out!

People complain here about others being rude in the shop, in hospital, being watched/commented on the street, bad attitude from others, etc... Just take life a little less seriously, don't expect others to be perfect and you will be less stressed. So what if someone at the bank doesn't serve me with a smile, or someone at the till refuses to fill my shopping bag?

What I particularly appreciate about Mauritius is that they are debrouillards. They don't expect the government or others to do things for them. If something is wrong or broken, they'll go and fix it themselves.

In Europe with their overly developed welfare state, people expect the government to do everything for them and they expect money to fall from the sky while still maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. No money? Let's borrow.

I believe however, that Mauritius is becoming fast like these countries, what with free transport for students, OAPs and so on. Mauritians will soon sit on their ass, taking everything for granted...

27 Jul 2016 15:39
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