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Where to buy RC planes in Mauritius?

Check out this facebook page. Lots of models available from this seller.

05 Mar 2014 22:10

Mauritian passport where to apply

Go to the Mauritian Embassy in the UK and fill out an application form for a new passport on his behalf if he is not 18 yet, otherwise ask him to fill it out himself. The application form comes with info on what documents is required to support your application and should be pretty much straightforward.

05 Mar 2014 22:06

Where can I get V-shaped chisels for woodcarving?

Have you tried your local "quincaillerie"? Or Mr Bricolage?

05 Mar 2014 22:04

Where can I practice archery in Mauritius?

Most places I know offer archery as a leisure activity aimed mostly for tourists. Check out Ciel Et Nature website (they used to be called Domaine de L'etoile). Unfortunately the link to the pdf file which has the tariffs is not working at the moment but you can give them a call to find out.

05 Mar 2014 22:03

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2014

Same to you.

26 Dec 2013 11:16

Fig Trees in Mauritius

There's a fig tree in Pamplemousses garden, just take a knife and get a small cutting but I have to warn you the tree is massive.

03 Nov 2013 09:10

Will CIE exams be sufficient for the youngsters of today?

Either Cambridge exams have to include a broader set of subjects and extra curricular activities or schools adopt the International Baccalaureate as a better alternative.

03 Nov 2013 09:04

If we celebrated Halloween in Mauritius, what would you dress up as?

Frankenstein with stitches on the face and an exposed brain!

03 Nov 2013 09:00

Is the seatbelt obligatory for both front and back seat in a car?

Police officers tend to check whether the driver and front passenger are wearing their seatbelts when they want to fine you. This does not mean other passengers at the back don't need to wear one though.

04 Sep 2013 10:27

Where can I find Chicco products in Mauritius?

There's a store which sells mainly Chicco stuff at 25 Leoville L'homme Street in Port-Louis. You can contact them on 217 9989 or better yet check their Facebook page for promotions. They also have another shop in Curepipe.

At La Garre Victoria, very close to the Post Office, there's another baby shop but I can't remember its name. Or on Deforges St in P-Louis, there's Meem which spans on 3 floors and they've got plenty of things for the mother and baby.

04 Sep 2013 10:24

Clever Dodo Redesign

Nice design and lots of improvement, is the instant notification integrated now?

05 Aug 2013 02:31

Why doesn't clever dodo have a notification indicator ? Please please put one!

It would be nice to see who has voted on your posts too. I get emails for new answers and comments but none when someone votes on my posts.

11 May 2013 12:05

Salut, un dimun cpve conseil moi cot mo cpve gagne ban tatami mat?

Alle fer 1 letour la rue royal p-louis, ena beaucoup magasin ki vande tiles par labas.

11 May 2013 12:02

Can the non-citizen wife of a Mauritian open a bank account in her name?

I would go to a bank to find out. If they let you open the bank account after you tell them your current situation, then I would take that as a yes for it being perfectly legal.

11 May 2013 11:59

Where can I get *AGREED STATEMENT OF FACTS* (constat a l'amiable) because mine is damaged?

Your car insurance company should have a copy, have you tried calling them to see if you can get hold of it?

11 May 2013 11:56

Where can i learn guitar in mauritius?

Check Lexpress newspaper classified section, there's usually ads for guitar teachers.

20 Apr 2013 11:28

Is it possible to carry someone when I have a learner of autocycle?

No, even if you have a seat for a passenger at the back of your motorcycle, you cannot carry anyone and it is an offence to do so.

20 Apr 2013 11:24

Do I need a permit if I want to install a CCTV in my home to monitor my gate entrance?

I don't think so. On a private property, you should be fine but if you were to install it outside your gate to monitor people passing by, then the police/municipality can object to the setting up of the CCTV.

20 Apr 2013 11:15

How to go to the Jardin Balfour by bus from Rose Hill? Which buses to take? and how many minutes?

I've been there by car before and I'm sure I've seen those Rose-Hill transport buses stopping nearby. So I think the buses going down Vandermeersch way will take you to Balfour gardens and the journey would be around 20 mins.

If in doubt, ask any bus conductor as they are quite helpful and will be able to tell you exactly which bus to take and where to wait for it.

20 Apr 2013 11:12

Eski bizin instal antiviris lor enn tablet?

Si tone acheter 1 tablet bon marcher (bane ki pena nom la ou pa renomer), inutile to met antivirus, li kapav coute pli cher ki to tablet, lol.

17 Mar 2013 11:15

Which World Cup 2014 football matches are going to be broadcasted by MBC?

What dates and which match? Thanks.

06 Jun 2014 13:56

Should I get the Samsung Galaxy S5 or wait for the iPhone 6?

Anyone bought the S5 yet? Is it worth the price tag or should I just wait for another smartphone like the iPhone 6?

10 May 2014 14:05

Will the tablets distributed to college students in Mauritius help them learn better?

Form IV and V students will be receiving these cool gadgets (distribution started 03 April 2014 I believe) and the tablets will have the following features:

  1. Allow the teacher to monitor each student's online activities during class and block them if required
  2. Prevent access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instant Messaging and other social networks
  3. In case of theft, the tablet could be located as it contains an identifier
  4. Allow classroom exercises to be sent to all pupils in an class

I've read these tablets are not completely free as a fee of Rs650 needs to be paid to secure one and that both teachers and students will get one of these.

So with all that said, what do you think of this new incentive which has cost nearly Rs150 million?

05 Apr 2014 15:22

Fluorescent jacket for motorcyclists in Mauritius

What's the fine for not wearing the fluorescent jacket (gillet fluo)? Do you get points on your licence too? And is it only at night that you need to wear them?

02 Jan 2014 23:10

Is it worth going to InfoTech 2013 this year?

Last year, it wasn't so great. What about this year?

22 Nov 2013 16:31

Will insurance companies pay out for damages caused by the recent flood in Mauritius?

Many cars have been damaged beyond repair and a lot of businesses have been affected. Products have been lost and offices ruined. So I'm guessing that's going to be a lot of money for the insurers if they settle every single claim. Maybe they will try to reject some claims put forward and refuse to pay and pass this as an Act of God or natural calamity which is not in their control? What do you think?

03 Apr 2013 22:56

Where can I buy tortoises to keep as pets?

I'm not looking for turtles (the ones which live in water) but tortoises which live mainly on land. I'd like to have a male and a female, preferably very young. And how much can I expect to pay for them?

01 Dec 2012 15:45

Traduction ban mot creole en anglais

Ena fois mo gagne problem rode l'information lor ban mot creole parce qui mo pa coner couma dire zot en anglais (pena beaucoup l'information lor creole moricien si lor internet). Alor mo penser ki ti pou bon si nou faire 1 sorte dictionaire pou aide nou. Mo coumence par saki mo coner:

sousou (chou-chou) : chow chow
gateaux piments (gato pima) : chilly cakes
orite (ourite) : octopus
lalo : lady fingers

Qui sanla cone sa bane la zot traduction :
patol, calebasse, patisson, margoes

Si zot cone lezot, ajouter!

06 Aug 2012 17:56

How can mauritians find work abroad?

If you want to go and work in another country, is there any organisation in Mauritius that can help you with the procedures? Or do you need to rely on online job sites to find a suitable vacancy?

09 Jul 2012 11:47

What are the locations of speed cameras in Mauritius?

I know there's one in Pailles on the motorway (80 km/h speed limit) but I've heard there are more that are being installed on our roads. Does anyone know where they are?

03 Jul 2012 21:45

Are foreign workers a threat to local jobs in our country?

It seems there are many expats in Mauritius from countries such as India and China who've come here to work. Nowadays, you can see many chinese on the bus going to Coromandel Industrial Zone to work or find many Indians (labour from India) in supermarkets doing their shopping after they've finished work.

They are recruited for factory jobs or construction work mostly because they are considered cheap labour I suppose. Since a large proportion of those expats can be now noticed roaming the streets, don't you think they are taking on too many of the jobs that would have gone to us Mauritians? The problem is that unemployment in Mauritius is still high and you have the situation where foreigners are getting jobs and you've left with nothing.

What are your opinions?

21 Jun 2012 11:51

What is the best Mauritian website you have visited?

It needs to be someone of Mauritian origin whether based locally or abroad. And for evaluation, let's use the following:

  • design (layout, colours, ease of use)
  • usefulness of the website (is it something you'd like to visit often?)
  • features (does it have nice functionalities?)

So what's your favourite?

12 Jun 2012 11:40

Kuma mo kapav debarass 1 vieux frigidaire?

Mone acheter 1 nuvo frigidaire parski ancien la nepli travay aster (mo ena sa plis ki 15 ans!). Mo p rode 1 fason simple pou debarass vieux frigidaire la. Ki zot conseil moi?

05 Jun 2012 12:14

Would a single currency for Africa benefit Mauritius?

There have been talks for a while now about the adoption of a common currency for African countries especially those in SADC (Southern African Development Community) which Mauritius forms part of. If this goes through, we will be pressurised into ditching our Mauritian rupee and using a foreign albeit common currency in our country just like what happened in Europe when they started using the Euro.

For trading, it might be a good move forward but what will be the consequences from your point of view?

29 May 2012 11:58

Problem setting up Emtel Easy Transfer to send credit to another person

I'm trying to set up the emtel easy transfer on my mobile but I can't get it to work. From what I understand, you need to send a sms with the following message to 8747:

reg password username

The password must be numbers only (4-6 digits long) and the usename can be anything you like.

However when I tried this, I got the message "You are already registered to Emtel Easy Transfer. Ref No..."

I've never registered to that service before, so I don't understand why it's telling me that I am. Anyone had similar problems before and possible solutions to this?

29 May 2012 11:17

Is it possible to get a refund for road tax / declaration if you're selling your vehicle and don't need it anymore?

My friend has a 1.6L Nissan and paid Rs8500 for road tax for 1 full year. He is now selling the car but has a good 3 months worth of tax still on it. Is he able to get a refund for this? It's Rs2125 that he'll lose otherwise!
23 May 2012 11:33

Eski zot servi lacreme soleil kan zot ale lamer parey kuma ban tourist?

Tou tourist ki mo trouver la plage met la creme soleil pou zot pa briler. Eski ena morisien si ki met lacreme soleil lor zot kan zot ale fer letour lamer?
13 May 2012 13:29

10 reasons why people in Mauritius don't know how to drive

Ok, drivers don't follow the rules but it's difficult to be the "model driver" when everyone around you is forcing their way through. If you keep giving way to others, you'll be at a stand still.
01 May 2012 12:11

Longanis, traitair, sorselri, diab, magi nwar problem superstysyon dan moris

eh zot pe gat mo carier la, mo pre pou gagn mo diplom dan sorcelri la, lol
09 Sep 2011 17:03

Longanis, traitair, sorselri, diab, magi nwar problem superstysyon dan moris

mo croire mo bisin lance moi dan sa cariere longanis la temporairement, kapav gagne casse acheter 1 bon loto, haha
28 May 2011 01:27

Kot landrwa apel Siwusagar u Raman Osman

hey, pas facile lire creole la, gagne congolo ek sa, lol
28 May 2011 01:24

The job situation in Mauritius – know the right people or stay unemployed!

Cost of living in Mauritius is high nowadays and unemployment benefits will not get you very far. That's why crime rates have gone up as well as robberies...
18 May 2011 14:05
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