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Launch of the Clever Dodo Boutique - Your Online Shopping Website

No electronics section?

I'll wait for the first reviews before making my first purchase there.

23 Jan 2013 20:48

How much does it cost to laminate an A4 paper?

Rs14 at Cyber Tower, Ebene, ground floor.

23 Jan 2013 20:43

Ki bon recette mine apollo zot conner?

(1-2 mine pou 1 persone)
carrot raper long et mince
La queu zoignon
fromage couper en cube
feuille lamente pou decoration (optionel)

23 Jun 2012 20:52

Eski ban garson morisien prefer ban tifi clair?

Eski nou prefer ban tifi avek lapo clair? - Oui

Eski nou prefer ban tifi avek lapo brune? - Oui

Eski nou prefer ban tifi avek lapo brune ki ena enta makillaz pou fer zot paret "clair"? - NON!
29 Apr 2012 02:37

Where can I buy a sata2 Intel SSD in mru?

Thank you all for your answers. I've found one. Anyone interest follow the link;
22 Nov 2011 22:33, a copycat of

Copycat? I don't know. But their website is better than cleverdodo.
- login right from the home page
- browse questions by categories and tags
- top answers/latest answers
- and the best of all... a larger community to reply your questions.

However, I'll still be loyal to cleverdodo, but I wouldn't be surprised if clever dodo is a copycat of though.

Now it's more likely that both sites were built from the same template rather than from scratch.
02 Sep 2011 20:55

what's the best website to download mp3 songs?

I use and its just fine
21 Jun 2011 14:15

Eski zot conne kikaine ki arange sofa dan rose hill?

Nerport ki garniser kapav fer sa. Mais mo p kone auken dan Rose Hill.
Mone tane dire TFP "recycle" bane meb.
10 Jun 2011 23:11

Eski bann hormonn krwasans ar lakel tret volay capav afecte krwasans himin?

Premier dabor: LOL! I love your creole!
Dezieme: Rant vegetarien, li pou bon pou to lasanter et pou planet la.
10 Jun 2011 23:09

ki koter kapav download ban film indien ek european gratis

huh? Megafilms p redirect moi p avoy moi kot daily motion. Megashare pou stream online sa et moriciens pena ene konexion AC rapid pou sa, et li en anglais.

Moi mo conseil toi *

C ene site canadien mais to gagne bane film european et americain en langaz francais. To zist bizin cree ene account laba.

servi jdownloader si to p download bane films depi laba.

download zist ban film ki fine marke "FR", "DVDRIP"
10 Jun 2011 22:54

Best catamaran cruise to go on from Grand Baie?

I've gone to ilot gabriel three times via three different catamarans. I will recommended you to go with Wind Dancer. Food, alcohol, service entertainment, fun: all 10/10.

From Casela to Grand Baie = 40 minutes depending on traffic conditions.
10 Jun 2011 22:21

I am looking to recruit a business development/ marketing manager- how do I proceed.

go to, create a recruiter account and seek for job seekers (you will have access to their CVs) and/or place your ad there and wait for job seekers to find you.
25 May 2011 14:02

How to get rid of cats from the garden?

OR disguise as a dog. like Mr Bean.
18 May 2011 11:04

ki ban bon chanté seriey pu 2011 ?

Justin Bieber
18 May 2011 10:47

Does anyone know where to buy electric fragrance diffuser?One in which you use essential oil

I have one. Bought it at that big Chinese shop at Rose Hill, Gallery Evershine, i think, second flour. Not sure if they're still selling it though.
18 May 2011 10:39

If this is your first time on Clever Dodo, please read this!

Some people don't know how to click on the "Mark this as best answer" button.
18 May 2011 10:27

Do you think osama bin laden is really dead?

He is dead. But they only got pictures to prove it.

I think they buried his body in the sea like rubbish because it's the only thing he deserves. No normal religious tradition bs.

They made sure he died like a coward by saying he hid behind women before being shot during the raid.

*They made sure he didn't die as a martyr by saying he had a stash of high quality porn at his hideout.

The Reuters feeds make it arguable.

A lot of lies due to a lot of out-of-control.
18 May 2011 10:08

Kuma mo koner si kiken in hack mo mail?

Promier zafer, sanz to password.

Kan to p login, to bizin sure ki ena https dan address bar la.

Reset to router et recongure li si to p servi ene. (Oubien reset to DNS relay cache si to cone fer sa)

Clear to browser cache, cookies dan to browser (pez bouton Ctrl Shift Del si to p servi Firefox.

Komans servi Firefox, si to pa p servi Firefox.

To pa capav sire si ip la, to ip mem sa, mais to capav essaye rapel kan to ti login dan to mail.
Si, par exemple, fine ekrir ki to account ti ouver le 28 Avril, mais toi to koner ki zamin to ti login sa zour la, sa ve dire ki to account ti hack sa zour la.

To capav geter couman li ti axeder: sipa par browser, POP, IMAP, etc...

Si mo ti pou toi, mo ti pou met moi dan lapeau ene hacker.
Ki mo ti pou fer avec to mail? Kapav mo ti pou avoy ene dimoune ene mail depi to account. (check 'sent items')

Fer kouman punisher fine dire: Si to ban camarade servi gtalk, et si to fine enable gtalk dan to gmail, demane banla si zot ti trouve toi online sa zour la.

Si li fine sanz to bane contact, pena oken facon pou koner.
Mais mo penser to capav regagne zot facilement.

Mais ene zafer mo trouv drol. Ki kaliter hacker sa?

Kan li hack to mail, li fer toi koner???*

29 Apr 2011 22:13

Guys, what advice would you give to the average young Mauritian women? [ en / fr / cr ]

Answer in any language you want.

It could be about anything; looks, personality trait, etc...

Don't forget to give a thumbs up to the answers you agree with.

23 Feb 2014 10:43

What is the best place to learn martial arts in Mauritius?

Wushu, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, anything... except boxing - For self defense - male and female friendly of any age.

05 Nov 2013 18:10

Why are there no proper review of the Bharat Telecom (Mauritius) internet?

I want to know things like latency (ping), actual bandwidth vs advertised bandwidth, downtime, throttle, customer support, download cap, etc.

04 Aug 2013 10:45

What are the best times to listen to private radio stations?

You know, for uncommon news/debate etc... NOT for music.

31 Jan 2013 18:54

Where to get USB TV Tuner card for PC?

What shop and where located?

I'm looking for a DVB-T USB TV Tuner card for PC. One that has a coaxial port would be preferable.

I hope clever dodo is still active. 'haven't been here for a while.

23 Jan 2013 20:41

Why is illiteracy so "cool" to our teenagers?

If you have a few teens as Facebook friends, you know what I'm talking about.

23 Jun 2012 23:25

Is there a Mauritian website where we can report corruption at national and personal level?

just like the Indian website

23 Jun 2012 20:58

Where can I buy a sata2 Intel SSD in mru?

SATA II Intel Solid State Drive with warranty and all...
04 Oct 2011 15:26

Where to get a GPS device for my car?

I'm looking for a GPS device with navigation. I heard there's Garmin in MRU. Or should i try the Google Maps with navigation?
21 Jun 2011 14:20

Where can I find genuine, legal copies of software, XBOX 360 games and movies in Mauritius?

Lets just say I don't want to pirate them anymore.
18 May 2011 10:57

Best webhost for Mauritians?

I mean, "best" in terms of speed and features: mysql databases, control panel, domain/dns registration, etc, etc...
Amazon's cloud service seems nice but due to recent problems they were experiencing, I'm considering one based in Mauritius.
Thanks in advance
23 Apr 2011 18:03

What do you think of the movie Megamind in 3D? Is 3D Worth it?

I heard it uses "infrared" technology, which I suppose is Xpand's active shutter. My question is: Does 3D movies in cinemas look real, especially the one you saw, Megamind. Did you have headache?
23 Apr 2011 11:47

How to find your Ancestors

Interesting. My father made our family's genealogy tree on a software on Win98 back in the old days. We even included photos and it was complete with the only exception that there were none of our ancestors. We planned on doing the researches but never had time and the project was abandoned.

Gotta find that software and its database.

23 Jun 2012 19:51
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