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Selling thing online in Mauritius

Probably on online FB groups buying/selling etc...

03 Jun 2018 09:05

Is working on-line in Mauritius a realistic feature or just a dream?

It will come gradually, depends what you meant by online.I had seen a job advert that stated travail a domicile but only if your performance is good, though it is one or two times per week, the reset gotta travel to toffice..

13 Nov 2016 22:09

Is SBM Smile prepaid card a good option to buy online?

Hello Gices,

can an employee with an sbm prepaid card receive monthly salary ,
from an employer who uses sbm account?


19 Jun 2016 15:22

Eski zt cpve met 1 speciman car driving license so photo ?

kan acheter ene driving licence holder..ena ene la dan biensur avec "specimen" mentionner lorla

10 Jun 2016 19:38

Riddle - How to get the goose out of the bottle?

let the goose break the bottle when it gets big enough so then the man doesnt kill the goose nor he breaks the bottle..

10 Jun 2016 19:30

Eski ban tifi moris pefer ban garson blanc

pa conner bizin demander

10 Jun 2016 19:18

Ki bon fason manz chips zot koner?

meilleur facon c avec ene bon piece poule kfc :p

10 Jun 2016 19:15

Strong muscular women: What are your thoughts? Hot or Not?

un peu de muscle legerement mais pas trop bocou pou coumadir shehulk looooool

10 Jun 2016 19:09

Eski bizin instal antiviris lor enn tablet?

banne zen pa blier ene bon password aussi :D

10 Jun 2016 19:08

What are the online shopping sites that would easily ship the things i buy to Mauritius?

dx.com, marideal.mu, lacase.mu, priceguru.

10 Jun 2016 19:06

Epson ink cartridge original or compatible for expression XP 225 - 18 XL T1811

probably will get it at lovista supplies.look for them on fb or ggle.they specialise in ink.

10 Jun 2016 19:00

Buying on Ebay

tablet yes ,knife not sure.. :p

10 Jun 2016 18:45

Buy DVD Pack

hi you can get that in almost all supermarkets.at jumbo or superU,winners

10 Jun 2016 18:43

If I am self-employed, can I give my business a name?

Yes register it, you get a business card

11 Oct 2015 22:20

What information do we need to create an E-Commerce platform?

Why not take a lot at shopify where u can create your own online store professional and stylish probably for lesser expenses to hire web designers(have to check though!) www.shopify.com

11 Oct 2015 22:17

What are the companies offering cloud computing services in Mauritius?

I think you can get that from MT, emtel, dcl ...:

11 Oct 2015 22:02

Eski ena kiken ki play WOW (World Of Warcraft)?

mo ti bien contant jouer sa parcontre aster un peu moins mo pa ti conner kisanela mo cav fer lequipe..la pluspart etranger bien tigit mauricien :p

18 Jul 2015 09:58

water shortage in mauritius

The eternal problem of the Cwa, no one could find a proper solution except kan dimun fer tapaz lerla

01 Mar 2015 19:11

ADSL Wifi Extendor

Hi perhaps get a universal wifi extender ( works with all brands even orange wifi modem)
TP-Link brand model Tl-WA830RE from Radha computers who sells it 5-7595907 theyre very good techs.

01 Mar 2015 18:47

Eski Mauricien honter pou coze banne zafer?

Sorry si mo p paraitre judgemental dans sa post la mais ene zafer p interpelle moi.

Dans maurice mo remarquer ki nou hesiter pou coz banne zafer ouvertement ki passer dans pays mis a part politics qui noune plein tender(nou mette sa de coter ene coute)mo p dire lor banne probleme comme situation emploi,stabilite dans banne couple et aussi banne probleme societe/pauvrete.

eski nou mauricien nou peur ki lezot juge nou? eski c acoz ena plusieurs classe sociales riche/pauvre?? nou tandir untel communauter protege zis untel communauter ek zot prend banne decision si pou zot sorti depi dans banne probleme? eski li dans nou culture ki nou bizin reste trankil alors qui ena problem.
kot probleme la p vini? kifer dimoune peur coumsa. la 2017 tou dimoune paraitre happy mais au fond nou conner ki situation capav enpirer et eski pou ena amelioration.pa conner.dimoune pass misere dans sa pays la ek p mette fausse sourire lor visage.
nou bizin arrete voile la face et etre franc
eski nou ene peuple qui hesiter pou dire seki ena ceki ena lor lecoeur.

merci pou banne ceki reagir ek mo envi conne zot reaction

04 Jan 2017 00:51

ID Card Decision

It seems the deadline for this thing is near.

So guys are you going to give out your fingerprints for the new id card?

even if the court has not decided yet on...

05 Sep 2014 12:12

Massive Open Online Course

A friend mentioned to me this site.


So its a well known and world-wide recognised institution which delivers courses on the web.

Now after the end of the programme they issue you with a diploma if you passed(!)

They courses being NQF and FETAC (UK) i wonder now if their diplomas/certs are recognized in Mauritius.

I haven't been able to get somebody from the TEC, their busy phone numbers almost never answer..

Somebody can investigate, i would be greatful thanks

09 Jun 2014 14:22

Where can I study for distance or online courses dealing with Telecom Networks, Information Systems and management?

Hi guys where can i find distance or online courses that are recognized here but not getting an attendance Certificate at the end.
Those that deal with telecom networks, information systems and management.

19 Apr 2014 14:27
Nothing to show at the moment
Nothing to show at the moment