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Why is there racism in Mauritius?

Because it is a multi cultural society, it is very difficult for many races to live together when they have different beliefs and rules; this is a global phenomenon not only in Mauritius but all over the world you will find racism but luckily here people can live peacefully, conflicts arise surely but they are not big deals most of the time (eg v/s Israel, South Africa, Ireland etc). Peace will come when people learn to respect each other, learn to appreciate the differences between them, I for one I'm proud to be mauritian :)
07 Feb 2012 21:12

Eski ena zwif(Juif) dan Moris?

zamer mn truv zwif dns moris par cont dns langleter truver bien, zot fason habiler tt n lot kaliter mem, aster kapav zot pratik li en secret ici (?!)
07 Feb 2012 20:50

ki ban dimoun ki zot sure zot dans franc macon ki dans moris?

tpa pu koner kisanla exaktement ladans koz li n secte secret, ban dimun la oblizer gard sa n secret dnc zt pa pu dir si zot ladan ou pas mais kuma punisher in dir c ban dimun ki ena ban gran poste lamem sa, kuma ban minist etc mais zt pa pu avouer li :)
07 Feb 2012 20:46

ki ban lager racial zot koner kin derouler dans nou pays depi kumancement listoire?

mwsi mo rapel zis laguer kaya la mo ti enkor tipti, ti fer per sa lol.
07 Feb 2012 20:43

kifer ban camarade musulman in lev bezer hier kan navin ti p koz bien?

aparemment li ti p koz politik dns n plas kot ti p koz religion enfin mwsi mpan tro kmpran mem kifer sa mais li bien bet en tt cas sa -.-'
07 Feb 2012 20:40

Ete vous d'accord pour introduction du jeux paintball a Maurice ?

Je suis pour, il faut vraiment changer la mentalite des Mauriciens -.-'
13 Nov 2011 23:00

Is takeaway food becoming more popular than cooking at home these days?

For one, with more women out working and sometimes doing overtime too it makes sense to grab something on the way back home rather than cook when you feel dead tired. Second thing I believe is that most people are now in a better position to enjoy getting a takeaway than cook as they have more money, I even know people who have to buy food outside simply because they do not have a proper kitchen and everything that goes with it, and well eating places are kind of mushrooming in Mauritius which is very tempting also. So I guess that it really depends on the situation but as the trend of life gets better, you want to go for what’s easiest right :)
13 Nov 2011 22:56

How much is a scooter?

Rs40,000 for a new one, not sure about the brand though, I am thinking of getting one too, this is the ultimate way to travel in Mauritius nowadays, the traffic is that bad -.-'
13 Nov 2011 22:43

You can now use your Facebook account to log into Clever Dodo

Oooohhh I like it better now :P great job, cheers xx
13 Nov 2011 22:38

How to use My Chinese Driving licence in Mauritius? Can you tell me the procedures?

Hello Jimmytan, you might want to check out the traffic branch of the Mauritius Police Force for more info:
but like mentioned above, you can drive for a month with your Chinese license, then it's better to get a Mauritian one if you plan on staying in Mauritius for a long time, or get an international one.
It's always a good idea to bring a copy of your passport for legal matters, 2 passport size photographs, your occupation permit or contact the police headquarters in Port Louis for more information.
13 Nov 2011 22:36

The Mauritian Education system is failing the young people of the country

True – too much emphasis on the academic aspect of education, I have always found this wrong, people are different, if they do not excel in something they should be allowed to try something else, why not introduce some pottery classes, music, cooking, agriculture etc, creativity is an important part of the educational system that the Mauritian system does not consider at all.
National exams at form 3? Now that does not make any sense to me apart being more stressful to students, 2 years later you have the SC exams, then 2 years later again, HSC, if you believe that having an exam at form3 will prepare students for SC exams, why, the next thing you will hear is that you are having national exams at form 1 to prepare students for the form3 exams.
A total lack of materials in schools, overhead projector, videos, educational excursions etc make lessons more interesting, you will find such things in private schools mostly, if the government/PSSA is investing in education, why not do it thoroughly and go for things that will help students.
The way of teaching itself is not very appropriate, mostly because most of the Mauritian teachers have secured their jobs based on who they know up the ladder, I know this is harsh but true. Most of the teachers do not even have proper degrees to teach or even PGCEs, teaching is a job that demands a lot of responsibility, you have to know what you are doing and how you are doing it, you have to train your staff to reach the level that you expect them to have or employ people who are worth it.
False – whatever you say, education is free.
You get social help at all levels, books and school paraphernalia, university scholarships etc.
The educational level is quite high be it at secondary or tertiary level.
Maybe I am biased, but I can see mostly all of the flaws that the educational system has, I have been to a private school, worked in an international school and my sister studied in a S.S. school and you know these three educational systems are just so different for a small island like Mauritius. I wonder if it would not make sense to carry out a national survey about the educational system of Mauritius and make amendments based on what people expect their kids to get or what kids want to get as an education.
13 Nov 2011 22:21

Where can I hire a scooter or motor bike or a car in Port Louis and what are the per day costs?

abc car rental - 216 8889
xcursion car rental - 250 1817
first car rental - 2139290
BRC car rental - 2088391

About Rs 1,000/day for a car.
15 Oct 2011 00:00

Where are good hiking and trekking places in Mauritius?

You also have the Dogeh trail in Port Louis or even la citadelle, else you have a number of nature reserves all over the island or you can even try out some old battered paths to mountains but make sure that you have your compass on you :)
14 Oct 2011 23:54

Using Internet whilst on holiday in Mauritius

If you only need internet connection for email and simple browsing then you should probably get the USB key or go to areas where you can get wifi connection but the connection would not be great if you intend on downloading games and stuff, you would be better off using the internet connection in a cyber cafe for things more bulky then.
28 Sep 2011 22:11

Send money through western union from Mauritius to Burkina Faso?

Yes, it is once there is a western union counterpart in the area and well you have got the places where they are situated in Burkina Faso :)
28 Sep 2011 22:04

Mauritius online bus route finder service

How about getting yourself a map?
28 Sep 2011 22:00

Is an air conditioner a necessity these days?

I believe that all of those who live in Port Louis should have access to an AC, this is where it really kills in summer but not everyone can afford it and well you kind of get used to the heat over time so it is not such an issue once you have spent years and years with it, for instance I live in Port Louis and I am not affected by the heat at all during summers (but I would love to have a heater during the winter days lol).
26 Sep 2011 22:44

Is it possible to get a gun licence in Mauritius?

Yes, of course, you need a permit from the police headquarters to be legally in possession of a gun, but I'm not sure about the documents, I will check them out and come back to you.
22 Sep 2011 22:59

Ti sevret la-riviere pe vinn rar?

enkor vender lagare victoria ou sinon ban lari lagare du nord la si ena, pa tro truv ban marsan la aster akoz lapolis pouss ban marsan la. gagne sa dan sachet tt si pa p gagne cki frai la to bizen servi samem mem si li pena mem gout. sevret in vin mari ser aster, n sachet sevret lariviere la Rs120 lol.
22 Sep 2011 22:52

What do you think of corruption in Mauritius? Why do we have to bribe people in authority to get things done?

Corruption is a global phenomenon still it seems that the level of corruption in Mauritius is much wider than its actual size. I believe that the real problem of corruption in Mauritius is because of the number of different ethnic groups and each group wants to protect his own religious group; so it does not really matter whether you have the qualifications or have the ability to do something, if you come from the right ethnic group and know someone from this ethnic group in a higher position, you will be successful in whatever you intend on getting done.
As far as politicians go, they are after all politicians, once they are where they wanted to be, they forget the promises that they made. Period.
21 Sep 2011 21:43

Where can I get plant rooting hormone?

I want to grow some plants, I need some plant rooting hormone for that like auxin, does anyone know where I can get that?
07 Feb 2012 21:41

Kuma fer note de musik lor facebook?

mon geter lor internet nanier pa p bon, mo servi n laptop et pena num lock lorla.
29 Sep 2011 22:56

Kiken koner n loto komier?

Ban tipti nissan march la ou n lot ti loto mem lol.
25 Sep 2011 22:29

Ki pli bon fason pu apran zuer laguitar?

aster ek internet ts kitsz in vin facil ou bien kapav aste n liv si mo siposer ou pli bon al pren lesson ek lezot dimun sa????
20 Sep 2011 00:02

Eski li posib pu n hacker ggn ban sms?

n dimun in deza dir mw lin fr sa, mon deman emtel ek orange zot dir persne pa kpav aksed a zot server, ki normal pu zt dr, mais talerla dn n lemission ti p dir li posib sa, eski li vrai?
10 Sep 2011 01:36

Ki p ariv sa situation politik dan sa pays la?

mo nepli kmpran kot tousa p aler aster lol.
08 Sep 2011 00:28

Kifer van ban produits Avon ser kmsa dans moris?

Dan langleter, zot lamoitie prix, kifer ici ser kmsa??!!
30 Aug 2011 20:00

Kuma fer vermicel bien?

a la musulman mp demander la, mo koner cuit dan diler mais mpa koner komier letem laisse li ladan ban lezot ingredients bizn azuter etc.
30 Aug 2011 19:57

Kiken in get Transformers 3?

Fim la vo lapeine geter? pa dir mw ki ariver selma :P
30 Aug 2011 19:55

Ki ban remed conte alerzi pistas?

Si n dimun fek realiser ki li alerzi a pistas, li fek komense gagne mari touser, poumon tou p riser lol pa p kapav respirer ki li bizn fer pu aret sa vit vit?
22 Aug 2011 23:00

Est-ce-que je peux mettre les resultats de mon test de DALF sur mon CV?

Pensez-vous que ca servirait a quelque chose? Merci.
20 Aug 2011 22:04

Kotsa mo kapav gagne n word to pdf converter gratuit?

Ti pu pli bon si mo ti kapav gagne link lamem lol, tou c ki mo p download pa p bon mem et mo bien bizen sa :( Merci!
16 Aug 2011 17:26

What's generic travel?

02 Aug 2011 22:07

Ki meyer mark laptop pu aster?

Pu servi ts leszurs sa, ki pli bon? Dell korek non?
13 Jul 2011 19:12
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Writing an essay that stands out

Many people do not like to write down an essay let alone one that stands out. Very often we find ourselves going round in circles in trying to jot down some ideas and make it into something that makes sense. There is no magical way to write down an essay but handling the language itself is a pre-requisite and for that the only solution is to read a lot. Through this you build a solid backbone for yourself to make your ideas flow smoothly and this will surely pave the way to A+ essays in the long...
13 Dec 2011 03:00

Tax - Who needs to pay and how much

Tax is money that is imposed upon individuals or groups by a state or government, failure of which is a legal offense. The definition can be further extended to a compulsory donation to the government from workers’ salary, business profits (direct tax) or additional value to the normal price of some goods, services or even transactions (indirect tax). The aim of levying tax is for the government to use this money to help in public matters such as infrastructure restoration, in public systems (ed...
06 Dec 2011 03:00

Fishing in Mauritius

Surrounded completely by water, Mauritius is an angler’s dreaming place and because the island is small in size, movement from one place to another is very easy and so you can move from the north of the island to fish in the south in no time at all. The water is rich in fish but care is recommended while fishing on your own as there are numerous poisonous fishes that can be fatal if eaten. The catch however depends on weather conditions, time, temperature etc and so will be different from day to...
29 Nov 2011 03:00

Pregnancy - What happens from conception to birth

It’s a common misconception when people say you are pregnant for 9 months, in reality it is 10 months or 40 weeks. The pregnancy is broken up into three trimesters the first trimester is weeks 1-12, the second trimester is weeks 13-28 and the third trimester is weeks 29-40. In most first pregnancies the baby will not be born before or on the due date, in fact most first pregnancies result in the baby going overdue. No health care provider will ever let you go over by more than 12 days; you will ...
22 Nov 2011 03:00

Mauritius Shipping

Shipping is the transport of goods (parcels above the size of normal letters) from one place to another by land, water or air. Shipping can be done by truck, train, ships or planes; shipment by planes is more expensive than the three other means but whether it is by ship or plane, the cargos still have to be transported to the destination by trunk. With globalisation, shipping is now an important business for the transport of materials from one country to another whether it is for settlement or ...
19 Nov 2011 03:00

Insurance - Types of polices available in Mauritius

Insurance is a type of compensation for some unplanned event (as in theft or even death) which is covered through an insurance policy. The policy is by means of a contract between the insurer (usually a company) and the insured that specifies certain criteria under which the insured will be covered in the face of certain named eventualities. While most insurance companies offer standard policies, some can have additional features to attract more clients or can be tailor made for the insurer. By ...
15 Nov 2011 03:00

Dogs in Mauritius

Dogs are believed to have been the first animals to be domesticated by man from the gray wolves. They have always been known to be good companions, ideal hunting partners, watch dogs etc. People all around the world adore dogs and puppies without a doubt always attract a lot of attention. There are a number of breeds in Mauritius mostly of mixed races; pure breeds can be obtained mostly in German shepherds and Dobermans. Dogs are thought to have been brought to Mauritius by immigrants coming to ...
12 Nov 2011 03:00

International students coming to Mauritius

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean some 700 km off the coast of Madagascar, Mauritius is a beautiful place and well known in the African region for its political, economic and social stability. It is multi cultural in nature with a population of about 1.2 million people with Hindus accounting for 52% of the population, Catholics 28%, Muslims 17% while the other ethnic groups count for 3%. While English is the official language of the island, it is spoken by less than 1% of the population ...
08 Nov 2011 03:00

Assurance Ile Maurice

Une assurance est un moyen de protection lors d’une circonstance inopportune qui peut être destinée à un individu, une famille ou une société dépendant du type d’assurance que l’assureur offre. Elle couvre les multiples aspects de la vie tels que l’habitation, la santé, la vie, le voyage, les véhicules entre autres. Une assurance est obtenue par le biais de prime d’assurance qui est versée mensuellement ou annuellement (elle varie d’agence en agence, du forfait choisi, la période de temps de cou...
05 Nov 2011 03:00

Birthday celebrations

One of the most exciting events in one’s life is the celebration of a birthday. People come of age on particular dates once a year and this is reason enough to have a party and enjoy with the family, friends and loved ones. Birthdays also mark some particular change in people’s lives like the age to obtain a driving license, to consume alcohol, to apply for some specific jobs etc. Most of the different ethnic groups in Mauritius celebrate birthdays since there are no restrictions whatsoever. Whi...
01 Nov 2011 03:00

Islets of Mauritius

Mauritius itself is some 1865km2 in size yet it is also surrounded by a number of smaller islets each one different and unique in its own way. There are 49 islets surrounding the larger mainland many of which have been able to retain some of the pristine environment Mauritius once had but lost due to settlement. Because of their remoteness from the island, the fauna and flora have remained almost unchanged with time though introduced predators have done a lot of damage when humans visited the is...
25 Oct 2011 03:00

Cyclones in Mauritius

As Mauritius is found in the inter tropical belt, at least one cyclone with wind speed of more than 120km/h hits the island per year. In this part of the world, on average four cyclones form during the summer times especially in the months of January to March. Gervaise cyclone devastation in 1975, picture credit hunneybell.com Cyclones are caused by a system of low pressure in the atmosphere with an area of higher pressure in the surroundings. This is often associated with strong winds and a ...
18 Oct 2011 03:00

Mauritius Dodo

As the expression to be dead as a dodo rightly points out, the dodo has been wiped away from the surface of the earth. Found solely in Mauritius, the big flightless bird became extinct in the 17th-18th century and relatively few evidence apart from bones suggest its existence. Ancestors of the bird from the pigeon family are thought to have arrived on the island in the past and evolved in a predator free environment with plenty of food which led it to lose its ability to fly. The dodo is used as...
11 Oct 2011 03:00

Cats in Mauritius

Cats are lovely small animals which make a good pet for both adults and children. They can look after themselves very well so you can enjoy more of their company than taking care of them.Bringing a cat to MauritiusMany people adore cats and love having them as pets while others cannot stand the sight of these animals often being allergic to their fur too. Cats can be bought from specialised breeders or imported. Cat import is quite a complex procedure: the animal must come with a veterinary cert...
04 Oct 2011 03:00

Visa requirements to enter Mauritius

In Mauritius, visa applications should be made prior to travel by those who intend to come to the island for purposes other than tourism, business and visit. Also exempted from visa requirement are citizens of Mauritius, the spouse of a Mauritian citizen, Mauritian immigrants, children of Mauritian citizens/at least one Mauritian parent, crew of vessels on transit or duty, passengers staying for only a brief period of time on vessels, holders of laissez passer issued by international organisatio...
27 Sep 2011 03:00

Mauritian citizenship

Under the Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs, the citizenship section deals with citizenship and naturalisation procedures. Coupled with the passport and immigration office, the Prime Minister’s Office is where all decisions are taken. A person is considered to be a Mauritian if he/she is born in Mauritius before September 1995 with Mauritian or foreign parents or after September 1995 if one of the parents is Mauritian. Also, a person born abroad with one of the parents being Mauritian is c...
13 Sep 2011 03:00

Driving test in Mauritius

The traffic police headquarters is the responsible body for issuing driving licenses and maintaining records of road convictions in Mauritius. In order to apply for a license, the person must be physically fit, be 15 years old for an autocycle, 17 years old for a motorcycle and 18 years old for a motor car. To apply for a provisional driving license, the person can download the required form from the government of Mauritius’ website or get one from the police station nearest to his residence. On...
11 Sep 2011 03:00

Home remedies for Mauritians

Though there has been a lot of advance in the medicinal sector these past years, many people are now going more and more for home remedies to treat their problems. Home remedies are the totally natural ways to cure ailments using some of the vital ingredients found in vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers and oils. Enzymes, active ingredients, alkaloids and minerals found in the products bind to specific sites in the body and do the work of synthetic products such as pills. Because they are just l...
06 Sep 2011 03:00

How to lose weight

Whether you think that you are overweight or have gone over the board during the past holidays, you often ask yourself as to how to lose the ugly calories and get your lean slim body back. People in Mauritius are now image-aware and they want to look great in whatever they wear. There are many ways to do it with many of them not safe at all such as miracle pills that promise you to obtain a model’s body in a week. You have to be health conscious and not go for fishy medicine because the marketin...
31 Aug 2011 03:00

Maquillage – révélez votre beauté

Pendant des siècles, le maquillage a été le fidèle ami de la femme; au fait, il est très rare de voir une femme sans quelque sorte de maquillage de nos jours. C’est un moyen pour une femme de se rendre plus belle et de se sentir mieux dans sa peau en cachant les petites imperfections désagréables. Pour révéler votre beauté au mieux, il vous faut savoir où et comment miser sur votre maquillage, les occasions (boulot, fête, mariage etc. discret contre voyant) pour lesquelles vous vous maquillez, l...
29 Aug 2011 03:00