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Launch of the Clever Dodo Boutique - Your Online Shopping Website

Who is the seller and how many days it can take to receive and order?

14 Jan 2013 10:23

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Merry Christmas to you as well

25 Dec 2012 18:49

Would you like a website where you can exchange products with other people, either the barter system or for cash?

A website where people can buy or sell is about to launch in mauritius and but there might be some problems in launching a website like that here.For paypal,the problem is that people in Mauritius cant withdraw their money from it.If you want to know more you must do more research.

06 Dec 2012 15:24

Happy Diwali Clever Dodo!

Happy diwali to you too.

13 Nov 2012 08:55

Can Paypal in Mauritius receive payments?

Its not possible to receive payment by paypal and to withdraw money by paypal in mauritius.Actually people in mauritius can send money to anyone using a paypal account.
See this links here and here

28 Oct 2012 16:10

Congratulations to ziya for reaching Level 2 on Clever Dodo

@Gices thanks.It was a pleasure in contributing and helping others.

28 Oct 2012 14:28

Launch of the Oral Driving Test Simulator in Beta Mode

I tried the taster set.Its working well.It good for practicing this online as it calculates the good and wrong answers automatically in much less time.

28 Oct 2012 13:03

Applying for a student loan.

Maybe you can apply for a scholarship if that university is offering.Last year I did applied for a student loan through KDF at MCB bank but that loan was rejected because the university fees was not about Rs 100000 and bank offers loan to that amount only.I dont know why did govt said that students have tertiary education which would be funded by a student loan when there are many questions regarding student loans.

16 Oct 2012 22:33

SBM Smile Card online buying & Ebay?

I have tried to buy with paypal linked with the SBM smile card and was successful.I have talked with someone and the following solution was recommended:
normally your account on paypal and the card holder's name should not have any difference. so i do reccommend you to have card on ur name itself if you are over 18. shipping and billing address should be the same. i would recommend you to create or edit your paypal account. redefine all settings. when the card is linked 1.95 is charged but some days later it is normally reimburse. now if you linked it twice or thrice by mistake it may charge you likewise.

This solution was recommended by this SBM fanpage.If you are having more problem send them a message.

13 Oct 2012 09:05

Is it easy to live and settle in mauritius?

I also dont want to discourage you to come here but if you have already secured a job for you here then you would not be having any problem in staying here or searching for a job as others have said its too difficult to get a job in mauritius.

09 Oct 2012 14:47

Is SBM Smile prepaid card a good option to buy online?

I just have got the SBM smile card and for me the expiry date is for next year for me.Even in SBM website there is no prepaid card that would expire in just 6 months.You dont need to have an SBM account to get this card and its available in many currencies:MUR,EURO,GBP,AUD&SGD.At the bank they told me how much money do I want to put in it so I just gave 1000 for the card and they excluded the price that I need to pay for the card.It can be reloadable that is when I have used the Rs 1000 I can again add more money to it at any SBM branch.

09 Oct 2012 14:36

In ONE word, how would you describe the Government?

Is one word not too less to describe?

08 Oct 2012 18:52

Are Mauritian doctors incompetent?

Yes thats an insult.The govt provides free medical care but they dont treat themselves in those public hospitals.

02 Oct 2012 13:01

What are the best Hindi Songs prior to 2005?

Some of my suggestions
96-raja Hindustani
97-Dil to pagal hai
98-kuch kuch hota hai
99-Hum dil de chuke sanam
-songs from Sarfarosh,Sirf Tum,Taal,Hum Saath Saath Hain
2001-songs from dil chahta hai,Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai,Rehnaa Hai
Terre Dil Mein
2002-songs from Raaz,Humraaz,Deewangee

02 Oct 2012 12:53

Can we live upto 10,000 years?

I dont think that people can live upto 10,000 years as most people live upto 40 years or less than that.A person can do as much yoga as he can to be in good health and to avoid diseases but a small accident is enough to cause his death.

01 Oct 2012 16:18

Bees.mu, a product of Bharat Telecom finally launches fibre optic internet in Mauritius. Who's signing up?

I dont think that I would sign for this as it might not be available for where I live and there are many network problems where I live so I dont think this might work for me.But the packages are good and affordable price.

01 Oct 2012 15:24

How I can use western union to transfer money abroad?Any more details how to do with the procedure?

Where is a western union office?how much fees i have to pay to transfer the money with this one?any account or card that I need to have?

24 Sep 2012 20:09

What is a freelance journalist and how to become one?

Can you give me more details about how to test skills for writing report in mauritius?How to do that here?

24 Sep 2012 13:57

Compiling a book with corel draw x4

You can find many tutorials in youtube.

19 Sep 2012 11:52

Do you think it's true that some governments are controlling weather?

I don't think govt can fight with nature and control the weather.

17 Sep 2012 12:02

How can a person living in Mauritius ask for a refund if he buys something from abroad and he has paid for it using paypal?

In cases of an order not shipped or any defect in an item ordered from abroad,the buyer would like to ask for a refund but as we cant receive money by paypal,then how can that person receive his money back?

19 Mar 2013 08:36

Is it appropriate to do business on facebook and does that guarantee success?

Anyone can give their personal experience about doing business in facebook?

29 Jan 2013 14:22

withdrawing money from moneybookers

I want to know if I am withdrawing my from a moneybookers account to my bank account,then how much would be the conversion fees and withdrawals,and will I need to present any document to withdraw the money.

19 Jan 2013 19:33

I want to know if I can download Adobe photoshop CS3?

asking it for a friend.

16 Jan 2013 20:56

Receiving money by paypal

In many sites and in clever dodo as well I have seen that its written we cant withdraw money by paypal but yesterday I had to receive money from one of my relative abroad but when the person was sending it to me it said that I cant receive money,if we cant receive the money itself then why everyone gave false information that we can receive money but can't withdraw.I think all those who said are answerable to this now.

10 Jan 2013 10:07

Where I can advertise online for something to sell?

Tell me of any website other than orange website.

01 Jan 2013 18:20

Can anyone advice of a cosmetics brand that I can become its representative.

Tell of of any cosmetics apart from avon and yves rocher.

23 Dec 2012 16:15

If I am buying items from abroad then will I pay tax if they are of Rs 2000 or Rs1000?

In this blog posts I find its written that now tax is placed on items when they are Rs 2000 instead Rs1000.

15 Dec 2012 18:55

How can I register as unemployed?

I want to know what is the procedure to register as unemployed,Can this be done at flacq?Is there any benefits when doing so?

04 Dec 2012 21:16

In summer times there are often a cut in water supply.What are actually the reasons for this?

This year some regions are also facing this problem which never had to get this trouble before.Very early in the morning people stop getting water and its very late night that the water start coming back.Is this only because of less rain we get in summer?

26 Nov 2012 11:02

If I order something from abroad then how I can know that I am to get the order?

Must I go to the post office and enquire about it myself?

19 Nov 2012 16:36

Which is better:having a university degree or doing ACCA?

With which one can someone get a job more easily or more sure to get a well-paid job.

10 Nov 2012 18:30

Counterfeit mobile phones, a growing problem in Mauritius!

Make up products,Mac ones are replicas that's why they are sold at a cheaper price.Its not only Facebook groups who sell these fake mac make up even I have seen a magazin selling it in large quantity.

17 Dec 2012 12:46

The incompetencies of the Mauritian society

Thats true,Mauritius can not be called a paradise its not just the beauty of the landscape or the enchanting weather that can make a place paradise,its also about way of living,mind set of people and standard of living that could make a place worth living.People really ignore whatever is wrong just because that does not concern them or they dont want to bother about all these things.

26 Oct 2012 14:31

Things to avoid for a healthy body

You have quite a lot of research on how to be in good health.There are some small things that can cause health problems which I did not know like for laptop and TV.

27 Aug 2012 12:05

Receiving Google Adsense payment in Mauritius

since when are you getting payment for it and did you encountered any problem to get your payment?

17 Jul 2012 20:52

Receiving Google Adsense payment in Mauritius

Who are getting payment for google adsense?

16 Jul 2012 12:17
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